School holidays coming, guest hoydens needed!

hoydenrude3.jpgLauredhel and I will both have much less time than usual to squeeze in our blogging while our respective kids are not at school for the next few weeks. Outings and trips have to happen, as do sleepovers and cinema excursions etc etc.

So, if you’d like to volunteer to put up a guest post or five over the next few weeks, please email us! (You might like to look at our guest blogger guidelines first)

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  1. I’m going into the holidays spoon-poor, also, having had a household of sickness for the past week (with no real signs of that letting up). I repudiate enteroviral infections and their protean manifestations. Bleagh.

  2. Thanks to those who’ve volunteered so far. There’s still slots for guest posts available if anyone’s still trying to decide whether or not to put your hand up…


  1. OK, I’m off (shortly) at Hoyden About Town
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