Month: September 2008

Spring Garden Saturday

I wandered around the garden yesterday, marvelling at the progress we’ve made since we moved in to a neglected pit full of beach sand, couchgrass, weeds, and rubble only a few short months ago. Here are some of the highlights… Read More ›

Cinematographers gone wild

on this week’s Wire In The Blood. First a super arty shot with mirrors, then another super arty noir shot though blinds, then bloody handhelds. Dear Sir or Madam, you are distracting from the narrative. Knock it off. Ta.

Quick Hit: WA Cabinet announced

Premier-elect Colin Barnett has just announced his Liberal minority-government Cabinet for Western Australia, which includes three National Party members and one Independent. National leader Brendon Grylls, who kept the state on tenterhooks waiting to see who he would throw the… Read More ›

Can’t blog

Weeding, belatedly pruning the bougainvillea, fixing the garden trellis (not the one supporting the bougainvillea, the one supporting the honeysuckle and the Peace rose).