Otterday!, Open Thread, and New Hoydens Flickr Group

Today’s otter statue is from Otterndorf on the German north coast.


tigtog interrupts with this weeks innovation: we have created a Flickr group for Hoydenizens – Hoydens About!.The idea is that those of us who have Flickr accounts can submit images to the group photo pool that we think other Hoydenizens might like.

Use Hoydens About! for bragging about your latest craft/hobby work, your garden, your kids, cooking, art, holidays and any hoydenish behaviour you might capture on film. Anything really (yes, including LOLmacros). Lurkers who haven’t yet left a comment are more than welcome to join in the photography fun – as long as you introduce yourself on the Flickr group (you may still continue to lurk on the blog, if you prefer). Who knows which ways the group will develop? Give it a go and see what happens, eh?

As always, please feel free to use this as an open thread for chatter of all kinds.

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  1. The rare otters found this week are not nearly as adorable.

  2. Thank you for the invite to the Flickr Group.
    Greetings from LA. The smog will be here all week.
    Nick Cave at the Hollywood Bowl was beyond awesome.
    Tomorrow night we are going to see ‘The Fly, The Opera’….only in LA…
    Now at a friends place playing ‘Excite Truck’ on the Wii….
    All fun.

  3. Cheers, all. I thought our own Flickr group might be a fun place to develop relationships between commentors and bloggers in a totally different fashion from how it happens on-blog. One of the nice features is that any group member can start a discussion.
    It’s already been pointed out that it wouldn’t be a proper Hoydenspace without some dedicated stroppiness, so things one sees that irk one should also be shared with the group, and discussions started about them as well, so that stroppiness may be properly observed.
    Also, anyone who’s not into photo-sharing, please don’t feel excluded. Get a Flickr account anyway and join the group and comment on other people’s photos! It’s all good.

  4. I’ve just been out and upgraded to a featherlight mobile phone that does more than my old one did anyway, as the basic “free” phone that one gets with the standard minimum 2 year contract. Not too shabby: it’s not the smallest one I’ve ever seen, but I’d be worried about losing that anyway. I think this phone has more apps than my first desktop PC ever did.

  5. *headdesk* My German’s so rusty, I only just realised the name of the town translates as OTTER VILLAGE. I may now die of cute.

  6. I love the flickr group! I’m not articulate enough to join in or add anything of substance to the blog post comments, here… I’ll leave that to the experts. But, being part of the hoyden group on flickr suits me just good!

  7. No worries, Kira – commenting here is not obligatory, although you’re welcome to weigh in any time. We’ll look forward to seeing you around the Flickr group.

  8. I was looking for something else entirely (honest!) and found this:

    Sarah has many more macros/motivators. Worth a look-see.

  9. It’s a pity I can’t use that one at work.
    He is a pretty, pretty man.


  11. Tigtog @5 – be careful! I washed and wrecked two light phones in the pocket of my jeans last year, I’ve gone back to an old-fashioned heavy one so I notice it when I pick up the jeans to put them in the wash.

  12. I’ve been on hyper alert with phones since I washed the elder tigling’s phone with his jeans last year. I usually keep it in my bag rather than my pocket anyway, but I’ll ratchet the vigilance up a notch anyhow.

  13. Canberra blogger Trish has found a glorious new example proving of Twisty Faster’s arguments on shoes 😉

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