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  1. I’m showing my soppy sentimental side here, but I couldn’t go past this one.

  2. Belated LOLdog

  3. Beppie’s pick was mine as well. zomg cute.

  4. What the frack is that under the pony’s chin? A retractable tether similar to those retractable dog leashes? or some gadget to stop fat little ponies eating all day and foundering?

  5. Helen, I think it’s a really ugly strap, ready to get caught in the fence. Not nice.
    I hate those retractable dog leashes. They teach a dog that there’s no need to walk politely on a lead.

  6. Oh, I sure can’t resist this one:

  7. I’ve just been catching up with my feeds, and I heart this one to pieces:
    more animals

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