Can’t blog

Weeding, belatedly pruning the bougainvillea, fixing the garden trellis (not the one supporting the bougainvillea, the one supporting the honeysuckle and the Peace rose).

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  1. But first, bacon and eggs.

  2. what a day you’ve got planned, though for my sake I’ll imagine you eating vegetarian bacon.

  3. I wish someone would come and support my bougainvillea. I wish they’d come and support it right out of the ground, out to the street and far far away. All three of the damn things.
    I hope you have some ibuprofin for tomorrow.

  4. Right, coming in for a cold drink and a break.
    What’s everybody else up to today? I’m going to see Bill Bailey with the fambly tonight – should be a good show.

  5. Apparently I’ll be spending my evening being jealous of all the people I know who’ll be at the Bill Bailey gig tonight.
    Apart from that it’s all housework and kid wrangling for me today.
    mimbless last blog post..Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner

  6. Oooh, Bill Bailey! My sister saw him on the bus in Balmain the other day. And someone I know from uni went to see him and said it was great.
    I’m hoping to do some gardening tomorrow, which I’m allowing myself to take off from my thesis (it’s Conception Day, which means that the uni will be full of drunk undergrads). I plan to head over to my local nursery early and buy some basil to replace my plant that died over the winter, and maybe a few other herbs as well (I already have mint, rosemary, parsley and oregano). Then I will spend some time weeding my courtyard, and when it gets too hot, I will head inside and mooch on the internet.
    Today, however, I am working on my thesis (and, er, mooching on the internet :P).

  7. Beppie: I get that students get friskier in spring, but “conception day”?
    Watch out for those bougainvillea parts, Tigtog. I flattened a car tyre on a stray pruning last time we attacked ours.

  8. Yup, “Conception Day”– Macquarie Uni was founded in June, right around the time of the winter break and/or end of semester exams. So, instead of having a Foundation Day, like most unis, we have Conception day, nine months beforehand. Student legend is that it’s actually nine months before Lachlan Macquarie’s birthdate, but this is not true (he was born in January).

  9. Here in the autumn country, we’ve been bringing in the periodic tomato. Ours didn’t give a ton this year, but what they did has been quite good, as has the basil.

  10. Well, I weeded that front corner where the trellis needed fixing, and got it fixed, but I chickened out on the bougainvillea. Tomorrow is another day.

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