Month: October 2008

Genes for gender identity?

I find the implications of this research (Scientists find a gene for the transsexual experience) absolutely fascinating, but can also already see how it’s going to be spun by the evpsych pseudoscience brigade in their continual battle to tell women… Read More ›

SF Sunday: success by stealth?

The best rant on io9 this week: If geek stuff is so hip, then why are two of the season’s biggest scifi hits, CBS show Eleventh Hour and bestselling Neal Stephenson novel Anathem, adamantly classified as Not Scifi? Because nerd… Read More ›

Otterday, and Open Thread

Today’s outrageously cute baby otter was snapped by cb1979 at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Do check out hir lemur photos, too. Lemurs are almost as awesome as otters, and it’s an odds-on bet that when I run out of otter… Read More ›