Otterday, and Open Thread

Today’s outrageously cute baby otter was snapped by cb1979 at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Do check out hir lemur photos, too. Lemurs are almost as awesome as otters, and it’s an odds-on bet that when I run out of otter photos, Lemurday may well replace Otterday in the Hoyden calendar. Though Meerkatday may well get a look-in.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Loud cheers from the tog family – we have our internet back!
    Actually, we got it back last night, but then we went out to see an impro show and this morning we went to see Sculpture By The Sea, so I’ve only just got back home to flop in front of the ‘puter.

  2. Lol, I always feel a bit nervous and twitchy when my internet access gets cut off. I’m okay if I go on holiday and can mentally prepare for lack of internet beforehand, but sudden disruptions… *shudder*

  3. Granting patents to corporations on segments of human DNA – what a fucking colossally crap idea that was.

  4. Internet loss always makes me feel useless. Not certain what that says about me, or our society.

  5. Granting patents to corporations on segments of human DNA – what a fucking colossally crap idea that was.

    Same business as all this patenting of human milk components. Our bodies really aren’t other people’s “intellectual property”. This has all got to be stopped, somehow. And since the IP legal absurdisms seem to be largely driven out of the US, is this something the Dems are at all interested in? Or do the giant multinationals have just too much of a hold?

  6. Not as far as I know. I get the feeling they tried to get at it a while back, but the corporate interests are just too strong.

    My guess: something bad will happen, people will flip out, and then a hasty fix will be applied.

  7. I finished exams! With any luck, I will never sit a university-level exam ever ever again.
    This has failed to fill me with elation, and I’m still trying to figure out why.

  8. Though Meerkatday may well get a look-in.

    And then can I haz bushbabies? and tarsiers?

  9. And then can I haz bushbabies? and tarsiers?


  10. Bushweek, Mon-gooday and Tarsday (with a pirate accent).

    I am reading a biography of Nora Barnacle and within the first few pages the author, Brenda Maddox, describes her as hoydenish.

  11. QoT: I experienced my last exams as anti-climactic too. Fear not.

  12. I would like to take the opportunity to blogwhore myself and mention a post I wrote about how becoming a mother affirmed by pro choice beliefs.
    I would like to throw out a pet peeve that I have. As a blogger part of what we have to do is promote our blogs otherwise we end up talking to ourselves. I officially want to say that I cannot stand the womens and feminisms group on reddit. It is filled with trolls and is so clearly misnamed. Unless you are writing a what about the menz post it gets you nowhere. Also what passes as a conversation about the posts is ridiculous. I have gotten to the point where I cannot even read the commentary anymore. Most people complain about the comments on youtube or digg but reddit is right up there and few people mention it.

  13. Yours truly may have been slightly OTT with her crit of io9 a couple weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean they should get off the hook, methinks…
    Yes, it’s a But That’s Not What They Meant/We Poor Menz sighting.

  14. Renee – just to confirm – blog post promotions* from regular commenters are welcome in the Open Threads, and thankyou for the link – it’s a terrific post.
    * “blogwhore” has become one of my pet peeves, so I don’t use it

  15. And it just gets worse over by me as I get a nice pat on the head by the white geeky bloke.
    So mad I could spit.

  16. Heartbroken:
    <a href="” rel=”nofollow”> this link instead ~ tigtog]
    Wanted to share, but couldn’t write it all again.

  17. FP, that’s hard to stand by and watch your son’s hopes shattered. I have no useful advice to offer at all, I’m afraid. Just take care of yourself so you can be steadfast for him, and you’ll both come through it eventually.

  18. TT@19…
    Thanks. No, there is no advice. He does this every time though. He called me last night while I was having a pleasant evening to tell me that while he’s here for 2 1/2 wks, he and new wife and baby are going to Tamworth for a full week (NOT taking mini-FP with) to see new wife’s friends.
    I went for a walk as I didn’t want to be discussing this stuff in the house, even if mini-FP could not hear…it feels like too much tension to allow into our space when I’d worked so hard for our space to be ours (or something).
    I then called the S.O and met him halfway between our houses, and ranted and ranted til the steam had almost gone from my ears. Then he came back, and I got mini-FP into bed, and then we finished my Chivas Regal. 🙂
    So if you mean, by ‘looking after myself’ get drunkity drunk on a school night and sleep like a log, then *check*.
    I do feel better about it (it still SUCKS and I don’t know how to manage it with mini-FP, but I’ve called the ex, and told him what I’d like to see happen – that is him to spend more time with mini-FP, NOT the close second of him be hit by a wrecking ball or something…so I feel like I fought for my son’s hopes at least)…now I just need to ride this out I guess.
    Poor little kid. He looks so sweet while he’s sleeping, and totally unaware of the massive disappointment coming. 😦

  19. As the child of a deadbeat alcoholic, I really feel for both you and your son, fp. That’s heartbreaking stuff, and I wish it weren’t so. And that I had advice, other than that if I’m any evidence, one does come out the other side…
    I’ll be thinking of you both.

  20. At least your son has you FP. He’s going to get through this because of you. I really admire your strength.

  21. Thanks guys…sigh. He’s a good kid. I let him stay home to sleep in today. He stayed in bed til eleven then walked to my office so we could have lunch. I took him to a cafe for a big breakfast and a thickshake…compensating much? 🙂
    He was having a giggle about how cute his baby brother is (their child not mine) and he’d taken a photo where he thinks this bub looks like Indiana Jones, and he told me he’s going to make a macro. It was so cute that I wanted to cry. Anyone have tips on how he does this most effectively?

  22. Why I always get the impression that otters are trying to take over the world?

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