Knickers off for Obama!: Fauxgressive douchebaggery at Fivethirtyeight is a polling wonk’s delight. If you have a fraction of a passing interest in psephology, you can lose hours of your life there.

I screenshottified this comment (image text below*) because I’m still having trouble believing my eyes:

How many things can you find wrong with a 36-word comment?

In this person’s eyes, the only contribution to the Obama campaign the women might make is wielding the Power of the Vagina. Only heterosexual men vote; it’s women’s job to manipulate them into voting the ‘right’ way, and the only way to do that is by fucking them.

Should every Obama campaign office develop a library of nubile beauties ready to give it up for the Dems? Perhaps there should be a national advertising campaign: Knickers off for the cause, ladies!

And sticking out the tongue at the end? No, emoticons don’t mean you’re posting only in fun. Not even if they’re smileys, and obviously not if you’re poking your tongue out like a sexist hormone-soaked preteen teasing teh gurls.

Cut the contemptuous homosocial shit, liberal dudes. Clues are free, get ’em while they’re hot. Start here: Women are people.


*Image text:

Kris said…

“Now, for all you female Obama supporters who want to go above and beyond, go find yerself a “low-information”, white, male racist, and marry him. You’ve got a little over a week to get the conversion 😛

October 24, 2008 11:58 PM”

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  1. Yeh, there are a lot of dickheads, and I use the term advisedly, commenting there. same as pretty much any of the Big Political Sites, alas, particularly when it’s Boystown to begin with. I do enjoy reading the posts though, even though I have no aptitude for -how- he arrives at the poll numbers; the results are real purty, though.
    and the “On the Road” pieces are kind of great. they really should make it into a book.

  2. There are very, very few political sites at which I can read comments anymore without losing my f@#king mind. So I just stay out of comments at most sites altogether. This is one of the few places (Echidne is another) where I actually enjoy reading comments.

  3. I’m with Melissa. Comment-reading for me only really occurs at feminist and trans* blogs in terms of anything remotely progressive, unless I’m having a masochistic day. Usually my blood pressure can’t handle it.

  4. Apparently, the only way to go “above and beyond” in your political activism is to manipulate men!
    annahams last blog post..Oh My, I Haven’t Updated in Nearly a Month!

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