Wag of the finger for some of the runners of Sydney

sculpture by the seaIt would not bloody kill you to go and run somewhere other than the clifftop-walk between Tamarama and Bondi Beach while it’s full of crowds viewing the annual Sculptures By The Sea exhibition.

You do not own this piece of pavement, you do not have right of way over less agile pedestrians, and you should not get tetchy if someone’s dog nearly trips you up. You shouldn’t be trying to run through a crowd of slow-moving people anyway. It’s dangerous, inconsiderate and thoroughly selfish.

It’s your regular weekend run, perhaps? Tough titties. That means that you get to enjoy that stretch of clifftop regularly, while those who are there to see the sculptures on a spring weekend probably hardly get there any other time of year. The cliff-walk south of Bronte and north of Bondi is still clear to go for a run near the surf – what’s so hard about going in those directions instead?

Image Credit: from the 2006 SbtS, uploaded by MLHS.

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  1. “You do not own this piece of pavement.”
    Too true. I live in Bondi and two of the things I love about it is is a) there’s always something going on and b) the diversity of people who come here to enjoy it.
    I’m less crazy about locals who would, if they could, erect a boom gate on Bondi Road. Yeah, occasionally living in a high traffic area has its downside (for example, drunken backpackers singing under my bedroom window at 4 am) but it won’t kill anyone to adapt a little for events like SBTS and play nice.

  2. It’s a phenomenon we see all over the place: people buy/rent property somewhere because they like XYZ about it, and within a year they’re starting to agitate for restrictions on XYZ.
    That’s why there’s no super rollercoaster at Luna Park any more.

  3. sigh, you’re right, but as a runner i feel sad when that route is too crowded for me to run on! (which is most of the time, really… although i’ve been thinking of having a go at it really early in the morning)

  4. That’s why there’s no super rollercoaster at Luna Park any more.
    Or why live music got canned at the Grosvenor Hotel in Perth.

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