Month: March 2009

OMG, Michelle Obama has arms!

Just look at them, they go all the way up to her shoulders. Apparently, Michelle Obama appearing in a sleeveless dress for her official portrait has got conservative American up in arms (ha! see what I did there). I mean really, she’s young, she has lovely arms why shouldn’t she show them off? Why does showing her arms make her the target of conservatives accusing her of impropriety*? What is wrong with arms?

I was a bit sneaky yesterday

After tinkering with other bits of code that could have been interfering, I turned the Bad Behavior spam blocker software back on. I didn’t receive any perturbed emails or Facebook comments, so I’m hoping that nobody had any troubles seeing the site yesterday. If you did have troubles, now’s the time to tell me, as my current plan is to turn it back on before I go to bed tonight.

Gang laws dependent on mode of transport? Really?

unless the media is being spectacularly wrongfooted in their reporting today, it really does appear that laws are being mooted with respect to criminal activity that are going to be different depending upon the suspects’ vehicle(s) of choice. What does it matter whether a gangster is wearing a leather jacket and riding a Hog or wearing a hipster outfit and riding a Segway?