TV Tuesday: Dr Who David Tennant finale speculation

Our quest to be the one blog to SPOIL them all continues!

In response to my posting this link on Sunday, Anna had some thinky thoughts. If anyone else has some thinky thoughts about the casting rumours and anything else they’ve heard lately, this is the thread to drop it in.

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  1. My thinky thoughts are unkind, though! 🙂
    I just watched the episode where Sarah Jane Smith shows up and she and Rose essentially get into a “I am more special!” “No, I am more special!” argument after snitting at each other in the beginning of the episode.
    Those spoiler comments, about how all of the companions are going to come back in for a finale, combined with the constant “Rose = Better Than Martha”, makes me fear for a finale that has multiple (female) companions bickering over Who The Doctor Loves More.

  2. I see your point and feel Teh Fear as well. I also really wonder how they will deal with Donna’s memory – perhaps the Master will do something sneaky there?

  3. I just want another version of “Say my name!” “Master” to get all the slashers excited again.

  4. Hmmm… the whole bickering in School Reunion has always bothered me, but I think the show has been moving away from the whole “who loves the Doctor more” thing. The whole point of Martha’s story-arc in S3 was that she felt second-best (and yes, the Doctor was definitely a jerk towards her), but ultimately recognised that she wasn’t, and ever since then, there hasn’t been any sort of competition-for-the-Doctor’s-love between the companions — I rather have the feeling that Rusty became quite aware that fans of the show wouldn’t accept any more of that School Reunion bullshit, because we’ve had Martha and Donna meet up and become instant good friends, nor was there any animosity between Rose and Donna in Turn Left, and everyone seemed to instantly love each other in The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End. I think this is also apparent in the way that Rani and Maria instantly liked each other when they met briefly in SJA. So I’m not really worried that it could turn out to be another “companions attempt to outdo each other” thing.
    Having said that, I think that bringing Rose back, at this point, would be a bad idea (even though I like Rose very much). Her story arc is closed, and bringing her back would feel over the top. I do like the idea of bringing Donna back, however — hopefully it would lead to some sort of interrogation of what he did to her, the ethics of removing her memory, etc. Tigtog, I agree that the Master would probably do something sneaky — he might devise some way to bring her memories back without killing her, which would allow the Master to interrogate the Doctor on why he didn’t think to do [whatever it is that allowed Donna’s memories to return], examining his sub-conscious motives.

  5. In TL/TSE/JE, the companions went a step further, too, and combined to knock the Doctor down a peg or two (to his chagrin). I thought that was a big improvement over School Reunion.

  6. I too remain ambivalent about the Rose thing. On the one hand it’s like the metaphorical dead horse, and on the other it could be interesting.
    But yay for the Master. Oh yes.

  7. I think the School Reunion messiness was resolved towards the end of the episode, didn’t Rose & Sarah Jane end up friendly?
    I read the inclusion of all the companions as a good opportunity to undo the debacle with Donna’s memory in Journey’s End. I would prefer if Rose didn’t come back though, it seems unecessary overkill (which Journey’s End was verging on as it was).

  8. You know, I’d like Dr. D to die in a surprisingly mediocre way. Put a butter knife in a toaster or something. Have a piano fall on his head. Not be the centre of attention for a whole minute. Ooh, I bet something happens to his hair.
    I bet the Master captures all the companions and keeps them in suspended animation to lure the Doctor into a final battle. That way, they won’t have to say anything to each other and will still look pretty.

  9. I enjoyed the one-upmanship in School Reunion (“Found the loch ness monster…”) but found Rose THE most slappable companion since Peri with the leaden weight that was Mickey making her presence absolutely unbearable. Donna’s my fave so far of the New Who though she was badly wronged – for which RTD and writers deserve a damn good kicking. Like Beppie, I suspected that even if the doohickey from Human Nature couldn’t reorder human DNA into Gallifrean why the heck couldn’t it be at least be adapted to siphon off the Time Lord consciousness into a watch like it did for the Doctor? The twist I would MOST like to see..? Donna returns as the new incarnation of The Master (and for heaven’s sake can somebody find a writer to restore the proper history for Cybermen).
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Pull the other one (it might still be attached)

  10. Bugger the cybermen’s history, I want them to do something about the huge metal underpants. Can’t take them seriously at all.

  11. Er, take the cybermen seriously, not the pants. I take metal underpants *very* seriously.

  12. They definitely need to do something about Donna’s story arc. There has to be more for her. She was much more before they met than the Dr left her with. You wouldn’t want what he left to be anyone’s companion. He took away everything that made her so interesting in the first special when she was getting married.

  13. I don’t know about that, Mindy. We didn’t actually see much of Donna at the end of Journey’s End — all we know is that she didn’t believe the whole Dalek thing had happened, which is no different to how she was in The Runaway Bride, where she’d missed the Cybermen and the Sycorax. Having said that, I do agree that we need more closure on her story arc.

  14. I can see what you mean Beppie, but I just felt that somehow Donna wasn’t as ‘gutsy’ at the end, although as you say we did only see a small part of her. I will feel right royally ripped off if she doesn’t make a comeback.

  15. I enjoyed the one-upmanship in School Reunion (”Found the loch ness monster…”)
    I liked it because they were arguing about the things they’d faced rather than the Doctor.

  16. I dunno, it read to me as “I am more special than you and this proves the Doctor loves me MORE”. Of course, I’m so far from being a reliable source on this that I only saw an episode with Donna in it for the first time last Saturday. The Christmas Special. Hey look! There was a Black guy! And by the end of the episode, he was both evil and dead! I know I was shocked. [Note: I had just finished discussing the latest bit in Supernatural where there was a Black guy! and he was both evil and dead! so my watching that special was rather coloured by the earlier conversation.]

  17. Planet of the Dead was on Saturday.
    Dont’. Just, don’t.

  18. @ Deus Ex Macintosh:
    I’ve read a couple of enthusiastic reviews as well. Will have to judge for myself when I get the chance.

  19. The only good thing about it was the Dr Who Confidential which confirmed that Bernard Cribbins is at least one of Tennant’s final companions, so looking up for a Donna-based denouement.
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