Month: June 2010

Climbing Uluru and disrespect

Perhaps revelations over the last week regarding disrespectful shenanigans on top of Uluru will finally push the govt to honour the promises it made in 1983 to stop people climbing the rock?

Flaming Oaths of Affirmation, Batman

MEMO TO SMUG TALKBACK RADIO CALLERS WHO THINK THEY’VE GOT A “HYPOCRITE” GOTCHA ON GILLARD: No, she wasn’t sworn in as Prime Minister with her hand on a Bible. That’s not compulsory, actually.

Oh please, give us some credit

Bettina Ardnt is trying to whip up a panic about our unmarried but partnered Prime Minister moving into the Lodge, after being elected, with her bloke. It could be a bad role model for young women she says.   I say, complete crap,… Read More ›

Quickhit: Senate Committee grills Scientologists

A Senate Committee is currently examining the tax-exempt charity status of Scientology in reference to a private member’s bill brought by Senator Nick Xenophon (Ind., SA) which seeks a “tax-law amendment that would require religious and charitable organisations to meet a public benefit test”.