Month: July 2010

It’s nearly carnival time!

As Chally reminds us over at the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival blog, now is the time to get those submissions in! The next carnival (featuring posts published before the end of 31st July) goes up next week…

Otterday, and Open Thread

Today’s otter comes via National Geographic. An otter species thought to be wiped out from Borneo, Lutra sumatrana (the hairy-nosed otter), has been captured on film in Sabah. One of the world’s most endangered otters, the last time a hairy-nosed… Read More ›

Abbott-watch redux

I’m sick to the back teeth of the MSM coverage of this campaign descending into trivial gossip about Labor rifts and rivalries.

I want to know what bloody Abbott is up to, and highlight just how awful its implications (no doubt) will be.

Children are awesome

My scooter stopped today, while I was out with the Lad. Just … stopped. No lights, no fuel indicator lights, no beepability, brakes locked on. “Bother”[1], thought I, “that’s going to be a right pain in the buttocks”. There were… Read More ›