Month: October 2010

Friday Hoyden: Ursula K. Le Guin

tigtog asked if someone could do a Friday Hoyden piece on Ursula K. Le Guin for her 80th birthday… last year. Le Guin’s 81st birthday was yesterday on the 21st October 2010: this is going up in time for it to still be her birthday in her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Quicklink: Dietary Supplements in Pregnancy

Research generally shows some important health benefits related to fetal uptake of maternal dietary DHA, but increased IQ no longer appears to be one of them. At least increasing one’s intake of fish oil has few if any downsides for either mother or fetus.

I’m not a praying woman

But the tiniest sliver of the remotest possibility of an outside chance that some kind soul on the bus where my autistic son left our laptop that he uses at school actually did pick it up and hand it in as Lost Property, has got me the closest to it that I’ve come in years.
Update: We have it back!

Master of the house

Sometimes I will be visiting a friend (and it could be any one of many); and we will be as thick as thieves – curled up in couches and laughing, sipping tea and juggling children, when her husband will arrive home. And he, whom I will generally like, will on this day be in a foul mood and will fume at his wife, just a little, not so much as to be a bully but enough to stop our conversation. Did you realise the children have been throwing toys off the veranda, he tripped over them on his way inside? There may be some sideways glance from him across the room, too, lingering for just a moment on the upturned sippy cup on the floor.

Surly Wonder Woman

I came across a link to this fabuloso comic panel while googling for something else entirely, which is just one of those glorious serendipities of the internet. I have a soft spot for surly superheroes.