Day: 2010-12-23

BFTP: Playground accessibility for parents with disabilities

Parking and pathways and seating? This is a piece of cake. This is public design 101. It should be something that is an essential part of building new playgrounds and of upgrading existing ones.

But no one is bothering. People with disabilities are supposed to be the passive “cared-for”, not active carers.


“highly educated women should quit their jobs in order to guide and “sculpt” their husbands to professional triumphs” – I don’t have a subscription to Madison magazine so I can only assume that it is real, not a tongue in cheek article. I’d love someone to prove me wrong – about the article that is. I don’t think I’m wrong in thinking this is a bad idea.

Today in good news

1. DADT repeal bill signed. 2. UN resolution condemning extrajudicial killings reinstates sexual orientation clause. 3. Sady Doyle gets a good night’s sleep.