Month: May 2011

Latest US Tornadoes

Watching the latest news of the tornado fatalities in Missouri, I think I’m starting to get a better understanding of why the most fatalistic/eschatological forms of conservative evangelical Christianity have such a hold on so many folks in Tornado Alley…. Read More ›

Why the 9 months delay?

I’ve also been waiting for one single news story on the matter to point out that it’s not just the soldiers at risk, it’s also the sexual partners of every single one of those soldiers over the last 9 months, some of whom may end up infected when that could so easily have been avoided by timely notification. So far I’ve seen nothing even mentioning the possibility.

Vale Bob Gould, Bookseller Extraordinaire

If you imagine the stereotypical, small, dusty secondhand bookshop, enlarge it substantially and then imbue this cavern with many of the bigger-on-the-inside properties of the TARDIS as if designed by Escher you might start to get a feel for how those shops worked.

The Gingrichburg Address

Stephen Colbert gets John Lithgow to recite that baffling wafflefest Press Release of Doom from Newt Gingrich’s presidential spokesman, Rick Tyler.