Month: March 2012

Quick Hit: Project Unbreakable [Trigger Warning]

This post and the link it takes you to comes with a big trigger warning for use of the words of sexual attackers.

Late last year, Grace Brown started an art project called Project Unbreakable. It involves photographing men and women holding posters which contain something that their attacker/s said to them immediately before, during, or after their attack.

Proctor & Gamble don’t get it

Recently I was emailed by Proctor & Gamble wondering if I may be interested in posting something for International Women’s Day about the surveying they had just undertaken exploring “the changing face of motherhood”. Not changing quite fast enough. Here’s… Read More ›

Duelling Fairytales

Which way is a studio to go when reaching for a Grimm retelling? Bubbly comedy with family dysfunction, or dark fantasy with evil mayhem?