Go help same-sex marriage become a reality in Australia

Via gillpolack, the House of Representatives has a survey on same-sex marriage that you should take. It will seriously take a few seconds of your time. Apparently it’s been overrun by people who would not like to see same-sex marriage become a thing in Australia, so seriously, go. Take the survey.

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  1. Thank you for this Chally! This whole marriage equality debate is such a no-brainer, I can’t believe it’s even an issue to the extent that everyone goes on about it being. Seriously, just give people equal rights already. Not that difficult.

  2. What Jo said, and done! (yes, it is a quick survey isn’t it? ) And shared on the bookface with my network of lefties.
    Unfortunately it’s all to easy imagine it being over run with negative responses. I can envision people being urged to jump on and do the survey, in the name of protecting our way of life or some such nonsense.

  3. Better get cracking. So far the responses are 65 percent against.

  4. Interesting that their helpful little file on “Same-sex marriage” isn’t actually available at the moment.
    I’ve done my bit. I suspect the majority of the publicity this survey is getting is coming via various church organisations and anti-marriage-equality groups. Certainly this is the first I’ve heard of it. Time to do some signal boosting, methinks.

  5. Thanks for the post, Chally.
    And someone thought an online survey was a good thing because? …
    Too much to hope that they take the validity of the methodology into account when assessing results?

  6. Shared on Facebook! Hopefully it won’t be confused with spammy FB updates!

  7. For fuck’s sake, they just need to have a referendum or something where everybody votes and then they’ll see that it’s only a small minority who are actually opposed to this.

  8. Speaking of methodological issues, multiple email addresses mean multiple submissions from one person. I suspect the anti- camp will not be against doing precisely that, so I’m going to do one for each of my email addresses. ;-P

    • Seeing as they’re also encouraging straight email submissions from folks who don’t want to or can’t access the poll, surely they can’t be planning to treat this as any sort of statistically valid sample. At best they will get “a cross-section of community views”, as the jargon goes.
      BTW, where are folks seeing that it’s being swamped by antis? I can’t see anywhere indicating a running tally of Y/N numbers.

  9. Here’s the interim summary of responses, tigtog. Which has remained curiously consistent over the last few days…?!

  10. tigtog: there is a link further down the page to “Interim summary of responses” which has Y/N numbers, but I’m not sure if it is being live-updated.
    I filled in the survey, but I too hope the raw totals are not used by the parliamentarians. Rights should not be a matter of popular vote. If they were, then women and minorities would not have the rights they have now, because the anti-rights, pro-tradition forces will always outnumber those seeking change at the ballot box.
    A referendum would risk blowing up into a Prop 8 style mess that could set back equality by decades when the antis combine with the disinterested “if it ain’t broke” crowd to defeat it (c.f the republic referendum). The slow grind of the courts and parliamentary hearing rooms is preferable – shoot down the anti arguments one by one until they are left standing with nothing but pure bigotry. Then when there are no valid reasons left, there’s no reason to delay any longer.

  11. The interim summary of responses is marked as last having been updated on Thursday 15 March. The page actually mentions “Summaries of responses will be published here from time to time”, but no fixed schedule is known. I’m planning to check again this Thursday to see whether it’s a weekly thing, and probably next Thursday as well to find out whether “from time to time” actually means “about once a fortnight. However, it really does depend on who’s in charge of getting the updates published (and which side of the issue they’re on) as to when it happens.
    I seriously doubt there’s any plans to treat this as a statistically valid sample – I suspect it’s more a gesture toward “public consultation” like the planned hearing in Sydney on 12 April (note: only Sydney, no other states or capitals are mentioned). My suspicion is that this particular bit of legislation (being comprised, as it is, of two private members bills) isn’t intended to seriously get off the ground. If it were intended to do so, there would be more effort put into publicising the legislation and the consultative process.

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