Whoydensday: Four’s sonic screwdriver

The Whoydensday knitting series has come to an end, say to say. Or, at least it has formally; I expect I may knit some more Who things in the future. First, however, I have a pattern to share with you what I made up by my very own self! I wished to knit reader Hedgepig something, and it transpired that she was a Four fan. I wanted to try my hand at knitting a sonic screwdriver, like this pattern for Ten’s sonic, and figured, well, why not put together a pattern for Four’s one? Do let me know if you try it out.

A knitted version of the Fourth Doctor's sonic screwdriver. It's grey with black and red detailing.
(Click through for a larger image.)

MC = main colour, which is grey in this case.
CC1 = contrasting colour 1, which is black in this case.
CC2 = contrasting colour 2, which is red in this case.
K = knit.
P = purl.
ssk = slip slip knit. (If you’re not familiar with that one, it’s not what it sounds like, so you should look it up before trying it.)
M = make a new stitch.


Using double pointed needles, cast on 15 stitches in the round in MC, leaving a long tail. After you get a few rows in, pause and sew up the bottom using this tail, making it round and reinforcing it with lots of stitches. Stuff the screwdriver as you go along, because you’re not going to be able to once you reach the end.

Rounds 1-5: K15 in MC
6: K15 in CC1
7-24: K15 in MC
25: P15 in MC
26: K3 ssk K3 ssk K3 ssk in MC
27: K12 in MC
28: K12 in CC1
29: K12 in MC
30: K12 in CC1
31: K12 in MC
32: K12 in CC1
33: K12 in MC
34: P12 in MC
35-40: K12 in MC
41-42: P12 in MC
43-44: K12 in MC
45: K2 ssk K2 ssk K2 ssk in MC
46-54: K9 in MC
55: P9 in MC
56: K3 M1 K3 M1 K3 M1 in MC
57-62: K12 in MC
63: K2 ssk K2 ssk K2 ssk
64: K1 ssk K1 ssk K1 ssk

Leave a tail and thread it through the last stitches. That’s the body done; now we’re going on to the head.

Cast on nine stitches in CC1 in the round.

Rounds 1-9: K9 in CC1
10-11: K9 in MC
Leave a long MC tail to sew up the MC end into a point. Stuff the head and sew up the CC1 end using the CC1 tail.
Now for the red band around the head. Take two of your needles and
cast on three stitches in CC2. Knit 26 rows in CC2. Cast off. Sew the band in a
circle. Place the band around the head towards the pointy part of it,
leaving the MC tip exposed.

Using the MC tail from the body of the screwdriver, sew the band,
head, and screwdriver together very securely. And you’re done!

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3 replies

  1. I’m loving the creativity of Whovians in various media – so many people making so many lovely things.
    I know fans of other shows do this too, but I suspect that shows with lots of gadgets have a bit of an edge for this sort of stuff.

  2. I’ve been meaning to ask Chally if she has a photo of the sonic screwdriver to add to this series! And now I know she actually designed this herself I’m even more chuffed to have it my possession. Isn’t it marvellous!? And it’s mine all mine mwah ha ha ha!
    (By the way, I’ve only just now worked out what you mean by “Four.” I know, I’m slow as a Gen X-er in Y-World).

  3. I’m so glad you like it. (Ha ha, sorry to have confused you!! I had to go look at photos of his screwdriver and squint a bit, but hopefully I got it right.)

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