Month: April 2013

The words people cling to

The important point here is that we shouldn’t accept superficially casual dismissals of ‘vocabulary wars,’ ‘fetishization,’ or ‘language policing.’ We should look closely at the words people cling to with the most tenacity, even as they try to sound blas? about it..

Media Circus: Thatcher Dies edition

I despised everything Margaret Thatcher stood for and used her power to achieve, but I’m finding some of the gleefully vindictive misogynistic epithets being chucked around by purported progressives is acting exactly as such micro-agressions are meant to act –… Read More ›

Otter Day! And Open Thread

Welcome to Otterday. First up we have an adorable baby otter in a gumboot. This river otter at Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge looks like it is having a tough day. Please feel free to use this thread to natter… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Bernadina van Tiel

I was watching a repeat of Schools Spectacular 2012 the other day, and folks, this girl. This girl. Her name is Bernadina, she was eighteen when she performed this, and she is about to blow your socks off.

Sexless frumps

Australian men become, after a certain age, sexless. It’s as if they give up on their appearance once they’re into their fifties and they just look awful. So says comedian Lawrence Mooney and I don’t think he was trying to… Read More ›

April Whimsy

Is there any such thing as too much chocolate? Is this teeny puppy the cutest thing you have seen today? Is this a rabbit? Really?