Media Circus: Thatcher Dies edition

I despised everything Margaret Thatcher stood for and used her power to achieve, but I’m finding some of the gleefully vindictive misogynistic epithets being chucked around by purported progressives is acting exactly as such micro-agressions are meant to act – I feel a chilly climate surrounding my participation in public discussion as a woman.

As usual, the topic of these media-circus posts is just a discussion-starter. Please feel free to discuss any sociopolitical issue currently making the news, and to highlight egregious churnalism in the MSM and those far too rare instances where the MSM rises above churnalism.

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  1. Facebook has been a treasure trove of misogynist comments. Ick.

  2. I was watching Q & A last night when the news was announced. Germaine Greer made some very good comments (she gave one of her better performances last night, Germaine, on the whole) about how, whatever you thought of Margaret Thatcher, she was treated appallingly by her party after she was ‘knifed’ and never got any of the lucrative board appointments or similar that are par for the course for retiring conservative politicians.
    Also I don’t know about the MSM, but I seem to have been seeing a lot of articles by Clementine Ford around lately, and they have mostly been pretty awesome.

  3. Julia Baird makes similar points re misogyny in A dignified pause serves dissent. I don’t agree with Baird about protesting at (near) the funeral; I don’t think there’s a strong equivalence between protesting the actions of a world leader outside the their funeral and the WBC’s protests at the funerals of (largely) private individuals. But: for a day when the harmful actions of women can be protested without a serve of misogyny!

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