Otter Day! And Open Thread

Welcome to Otterday. First up we have an adorable baby otter in a gumboot.

A seven week old Otter explores an old boot at Paradise Park.

A seven week old Otter explores an old boot at Paradise Park.

This river otter at Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge looks like it is having a tough day.

River otter resting its head on a horizontal wooden post.

River otter resting its head on a horizontal wooden post.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Books? News stories? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I had a really lovely birthday party yesterday with lots of my friends, which makes me happy. There were also dress-ups, which were excellent. And other shenanigans, and food, and a TARDIS teapot and a giant TARDIS cutout and a Dalek book light. My friends know I am a Whovian, obviously, and I feel very loved. 😀

  2. Did you look into the heart of the teapot, and did the teapot look back into you?

    I am thesising and stressing about job prospects. But my life is actually kind of amazing right now in general, full of love and baked goods and such.

  3. I got a TARDIS teapot for Christmas, great fun.
    I’m quite enjoying life at the moment too, lots of goings-on with craft and swing dancing and sword fighting and roller skating. Hoping to cut down on internet use to give me more time for practice!

  4. Happy birthday Jo. My son had a four TARDIS birthday recently, but a two TARDIS birthday is still pretty good :-).
    I spent the afternoon looking at houses today. House hunting is not generally fun, but this is a wanted move, not a necessary one, so I suppose that puts a more pleasant edge on it. Also the alternative was to take my daughter and her friends to the movies for her birthday, so I think I got the quieter and less stressful job today…

  5. Thanks angharad! Oh, I sympathise with you on the house-hunting thing, it really isn’t very fun, especially if your lease is running out.
    I found out what my boobs look like through an ultrasound machine today! It was very interesting, and it turns out the lump I found is nothing, so that is good. I wasn’t worried, but one tends to get these things checked out, so I did. 😀

  6. It is a good idea to be vigilant, Jo, I got a shock when I realised I am now older than Belinda Emmett was when she passed away. Glad you’re OK!

  7. That’s good news too. I had my breasts ultrasounded a couple of times when I had the worst case of mastitis known to mankind (well probably not, but it surely felt like it for a while). I made the mistake of going into my doctor’s and saying ‘I have this lump in my breast’, by which I meant ‘I have this really painful blocked milk duct’ and he freaked out. It didn’t even occur to me about the other possibilities until then.

  8. Hello all. I’m wondering if anyone knows if the Medela Mom Mavens program is still in existence? Lauredhel wrote about the Mom Mavens back in 2010 when Medela decided it’s be a good idea to have mothers in message board communities stealth advertise for them. Since then I really haven’t paid much attention to the program. I recently went looking for the Medela site for the program and cannot get anything to load on my computer. Is it gone?
    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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