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Pinktober is upon us

We’ve written a lot about the problems with pinkwashing of cancer “awareness” in the past, but this is the hardest month of the year to match actions with ideals on this issue, because (a) the pink products are everywhere, and (b) it is at least a good reminder of a worthy cause to direct our donations towards, if only we can be sure that the money is being used effectively.

Understatement OTD: “One of the things we will be looking at urgently is the communications team”

Says the representative of the Argyll and Bute Council in Scotland, whose heavy-handed response streisand-effected a regional scandal into a worldwide media storm about attempts to censor a schoolgirl blogging their school lunches. Now the school lunch menu is being reformed, and the furore helped her raise more than £80,000 for development charity Mary’s Meals. Martha Payne is authentically awesome.


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve not been posting as much as usual lately, and that for the last month I’ve been basically avoiding the Twitters. This is basically because of Real Life (TM) – specifically my health, other people’s health and the ever-growing to-do list.