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The McClure Report: stigmatising welfare

There are ideas in the McClure report worth pursuing and it might lead to a simpler welfare system, such as changes to family payments and payments for young people. The key question for NWRN is, are the proposals fair and will they assist people into sustainable employment? The NWRN opposes a cost-cutting agenda that will leave people in a financially worse position than currently.

Signal Boost: Eastside Ride

This Sunday in Centennial Park, Sydney, is the Eastside Ride. From 9am to 3pm, Loch Avenue South area. Free music, yoga, Try2Wheels and general outdoorsy happy vibe. Tina Harrod will be playing at 2pm. This is a family event, with a bit of something for everyone. In support of green living and community togetherness.

DUFC #69

Welcome to the 69th Down Under Feminists Carnival. This month read some of the best posts from January 2014.

Can’t blog: singing!

Earlier this year I started going to a weekly singing group, encouraged by mr tog because it was happening where he does his band practice, and he was sure that getting back into singing regularly again would make me happier. He was right …

Evidence-based medicine

With the (non)efficacy of homeopathy making the news again (with rumblings that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is considering delisting various homeopathic remedies), I was reminded – after I wondered how in hell they got listed by the TGA in the first place – of a post I first published four years ago: