This is aesthetics not health

Right, so men who can’t see their penis because their belly protrudes are likely to be obese. Ummm, okay let’s take that at face value. Then logic jump to: this means they are unhealthy (which we know is not necessarily true). Then another logic jump to: they will have lower self esteem and performance problems in bed.

Lets just back up there a minute. Lower self esteem may be an issue for some men, but if ‘they don’t seem to care’ about their beer bellies as noted in the article, who is to say they have low self esteem or less sex because of their belly?

you only need to look around
to realise how many men are overweight and have a beer belly.
They don’t seem to care either.

Maybe because it isn’t having much of an impact on their lives?

People have been working around bellies of all sorts to perform PIV sex for a long time and if they can’t well guess what – people, being the wonderful creative species that we are – have worked out other ways to get our rocks off! I know, blow me down with a feather too, fat people have worked out how to have sex even with each other. You know, if you google it you can find images on the internet to show you just how to do it too. Some of them are even moderately safe for work.

Okay so we have dealt with the bullshit logical fallacy that fat men are so self hating they can’t bring themselves to have sex with anyone. Now, erectile dysfunction is a serious problem. Fortunately, whoever wrote this article has a modicum of common sense and does point out that this problem is not confined to men with a beer belly. I would go further and say that there are probably men with a beer belly who don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction and may never suffer from it. But an important health message is being lost amid the fat hate.

However, overweight men should view the prospect of impotence as a compelling motivation to lead a different lifestyle; one that involves regular exercise and a healthy diet. It is for their own sakes and that of their partners.

Erectile dysfunction does not just affect overweight men. [my emphasis] The world’s largest study to examine links between erectile dysfunction and heart disease found even minor erection difficulties in healthy fit men, can be an indicator of future heart risks.The authors of the study, undertaken in Australia and published last month in the on-line journal PLOS Medicine, examined data of 95,038 men aged 45 years and older.

The researchers concluded that erectile dysfunction does not cause heart disease but may be an early indicator of the problems that lead to it, such as a build-up of plaque in the arteries.

So it is something that can happen to skinny blokes too. Which kind of suggests that it isn’t a problem with fat. I haven’t studied medicine or health, but some Hoydens have and I have heard that many of the health textbooks still take the male body as the default option. So I don’t believe that we could get to 2013 and still be unaware that being fat = positive correlation with erectile dysfunction. If it happened to every guy who was overweight we would know about it. It would be a big thing (pun unintended).

So why the focus on fat?

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  1. It’s easy: if a thin person has erectile dysfunction it’s because there’s something medically wrong which can be fixed. If a fat person has erectile dysfunction it’s because they’re a terrible person and the universe is punishing them.

  2. And of course all fat people are unfit and need to exercise more, while the same thing isn’t true for thin people.
    I am fat. I run a half-marathon every week. I also make one shorter run, swim a mile, and train strength twice a week.
    I’m more fit, and stronger, than the large majority of thin people. How come I’m told I need to work out, while they’re not ?
    Oh, that’s right. My fat is proof positive that I can’t possibly be doing anything right.

  3. They did a study in Scotland a while back on w.class men’s health and why men were ‘resistant’ to changing their eating/ excercise/ drinking habits, and discovered that Scottish women like beer bellies and think they’re sexy and that men think they’re manly, and the combination meant that there was status in having a gut. This might seem odd, but many w.class Scottish men are short and so if they’re skinny as well, I can see that they might have more difficulty appearing ‘manly’ than someone heavier (according to definitions of manliness that revolve around men as protectors and so needing to be larger than women- which is not a universal of course).

  4. However, overweight men should view the prospect of impotence as a compelling motivation to lead a different lifestyle
    Seeing as how I’d love to never get another erection, does that mean I can be as fat as I like?

  5. If guys feel all unmanly and so on ’cause they can’t see their penises, does that mean they should be running around nekkid and with a mirror at all times?

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