Fire Sale Books

Literally, a fire sale, selling sooty books. All these books were $1 or $2 from Elizabeth’s Books warehouse in Fremantle, which was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few classics that I’ve always meant to read as well as a few strays that caught my eye. Great for dipping into while on hols, especially for the 3-day train ride back home.

Because I are one

I just got an invitation to join the facebook group “I tap slow-walking people on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me please!”

Uh – no.

Fuck no. With cherries and sprinkles. And the sauce of your choice.

Laying your hands on me without invitation, strangers, sure isn’t going to speed me up any, but it may well piss me right the fuck off.

SF Sunday: success by stealth?

The best rant on io9 this week: If geek stuff is so hip, then why are two of the season’s biggest scifi hits, CBS show Eleventh Hour and bestselling Neal Stephenson novel Anathem, adamantly classified as Not Scifi? Because nerd… Read More ›

HAT is still down fully recovered

All sorted out now. Original post below.—————————————————–And may be for a while yet. From my hosting service: At approx midnight Saturday (NSW time) a fire and subsequent explosion occurred in a Data Centre that houses one of ********** servers. None… Read More ›

And a gecko up ya clacker

ABC News: “Gecko in egg ‘must have crawled up cloaca’” The Australian Egg Corporation has expressed surprise at the discovery of a gecko inside a chicken egg. Darwin doctor Peter Beaumont was cooking dinner when he cracked open the egg… Read More ›