I don’t know what the rest of you drink for aperitifs…

but judging by how long it took for my dearly beloved to obtain a decent Amontillado sherry last night, we have the only bottle in the Inner West of Sydney. Yah boo sucks to the rest of you.

So what’s your favourite pre-dinner tipple? And what about night-cap time – mine oscillates between a single malt (Isle of Jura is the current favourite) or a snort of port. How about you?

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  1. We’re not big drinkers, not that you’d know looking at the collection in our wine cellar (note to self – must remember to drink more wine before it goes past its prime). Before dinner tends to be beer, hubby likes trying new and interesting ones. After dinner drink of choice would be either a vintage port or Muscat, favourites are Stanton & Killeen and Woodstock.
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  2. Just beer and cider, the british way lol
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  3. My lover speaks very highly of the Isle of Jura. As in the place, not the Scotch. We don’t talk about Scotch.
    Now I’m all sad, woe. I miss Scotland.
    Anyway, I fell deeply in love with a White Port I found in Australia. I think the Winery is Windy Populars or something of a similar nature. Of course, they don’t ship. *sigh*

  4. I’m a season drinker – a good brandy with a dash of soda, no ice, in winter. Something chilled with vodka in summer. But only a night or two a week.
    Our local bottle store in Melbourne has an extensive range of Spanish sherries. (Rathdowne Cellars, Melbourne – I’m sure they’ll send you some). The annual tasting session is legendary. Only problem is I loose interesting in my tasting notes about half way through and then haphazardly by something on the way out.
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  5. I don’t drink sherry, but if pressed for a whisky, I rather like the ones from Islay best. Peat, plz.
    That said, the only whisky I have on hand is somewhere in the packed things in the basement, and it’s Glenmorangie from about three years ago that I brought back from college.

  6. After a fancy all-the-trimmings three course dinner (rare, naturally), I like tokay or muscat, although last night we had some chocolate port, which went down quite well…

  7. I do like a nice port or muscat.

  8. My greatgrandfather on my mother’s side drove a whiskey cart in Scotland. Islay malts are hard to beat because I love earthy scents; bogs and swamps, moss and humus and Laphroaig is my favourite Islay, when I can afford it. Can’t drink it in summer though, so I divide my year neatly and patriotically between malt and gin with a nod to the Scots and the Dutch sides of the family.

  9. Anyway, I fell deeply in love with a White Port I found in Australia. I think the Winery is Windy Populars or something of a similar nature.

    There’s Windy Peak from De Bortoli, but they don’t actually do a white port. And Woody Nook in WA, again no white port (and I don’t reckon their red port is very flash). Was it labelled “white port”? The Poplars at Coonawarra does a sweet white style they call “Delicioso”.
    There aren’t actually that many white ports around – Karriview, Redgate, Snowy Vineyard (Old Regret), Wright’s, Jane Brook, Paul Conti, Sobels, Horndale, Howard’s Lane, Vinecrest, Bethany Old Quarry? What state was it in? (We may be able to find you a middleman shop that ships.) If it’s Poplar Bend on Mornington, though, you’re probably out of luck.

  10. Out of curiosity, where’d he get it? Give a good retailer a bit of credit.
    For Iberian wines and spirits in the Inner West there’s a Spanish bottleshop on Glebe Point Road near the corner of Mitchell Street, and a Portuguese one on New Canterbury Road just near Livingstone Road.

  11. ’twas Camperdown Cellars, DD. The original store, in Kingston Street.
    They’re always good for stuff a little outside the normal range.

  12. For an aperitif: a beer (preferably Belgian), a cider (preferably English), or a gin and tonic. With lemon.

    For a digestif: Brandy (French or Spanish), or a malt; my current favourite is Talisker.

  13. Kudos to Camperdown Cellars.
    Ah, the aperitif. IMO the term reflects a fundamental fallacy: that drinks should be categorised primarily by time of day. Nonsense. There’s always a meal of some sort coming up sometime.

  14. I tend to drink that sort of things as digestifs or nightcaps. I have met very few I don’t like. I like single malts (Talisker is my favourite, but I like most Islay malts as well). If sharing with my wife it is usually tokay or muscat or port. Cambells of Rutherglen is recommended generally there. My wifes personal choice is Pedro Ximinez sherry, to which she has a fanatical devotion. A nice desert wine, botrytris riesling or similar (such as the sublime Noble One – thanks for sharing some, lauredhel) is also excellent just after a meal. And I have recently come to appreciate that my life lacks both Amontillado and Calvados. And probably some good Fino as a aperitif (though usually we just start drinking the red wine early).

  15. (such as the sublime Noble One – thanks for sharing some, lauredhel)

    Mm, that was a good night!

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