Fire Sale Books

Literally, a fire sale, selling sooty books. All these books were $1 or $2 from Elizabeth’s Books warehouse in Fremantle, which was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few classics that I’ve always meant to read as well as a few strays that caught my eye. Great for dipping into while on hols, especially for the 3-day train ride back home.

Directing Film, Ken Russell

The Nation of Scotland and the Declaration of Arbroath, Historical Association (London)

The Duchess of Malfi, John Webster

Smyth & Hawk’em, Imported English Gardening Couple (a glossy looking magazine with a banner across one corner proclaiming “Parody”)

How to Shoot an Amateur Naturalist, Gerald Durrell

The Firework Maker’s Daughter, Philip Pullman

Coraline, Neil Gaiman

An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Ethics, Mary Warnock

The Cat Who…Companion, Sharon A. Feaster

Not a bad holiday reading swag. Not bad at all.

I’ll be back on deck from Wednesday arvo on, everybody. Refreshed and reinvigorated etc. I’ll catch up with the last few weeks of events then (ETA: extremely dodgy net access today/tomorrow, no Net on the train at all!)

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  1. I’d recommend the Cystic Fibrosis bookshop to find cheap books in Brisbane. The one I visit is just next to Nundah station, but I think there’s another somewhere on the south side. They sell library books that have been taken out of circulation – I owe my burgeoning Pratchett and Rankin collections to them. For Christmas I bought my grandmother about 50 large print classics (and wasn’t it fun getting them all to Melbourne…)
    Books are generally $3 each, or 6 for $15, and they have a half-price sale every few months.

  2. I bought two lovely bags from Elizabeth Books. *hugs them both*

    I miss Elizabeth Books. Much better used book shop than the one here, which gives us dirty looks when we ask questions.

  3. It had escaped my attention that there had been a fire in Elizabeth’s Bookshop – perhaps not surprising, given the fact that I live across the globe from it. Still, great bookshops, which I always visit when in Fremantle (this last happened a couple of weeks ago).

  4. I wish I had managed to meet you while you where in the wild west, I gather you had an excellent time with lauredhel and huckle and families.

  5. The Duchess of Malfi?!?! You must do a review when you’re done. I myself am considering doing something nasty to my copy. From memory, The Firework Maker’s Daughter was fantastic! Speaking of which, I need to go to the library and return my way-overdue items.

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