Friday Hoyden: Sekai Holland

The current Zimbabwean Minister for Reconciliation, Healing and Integration has a long history with Australia, going back to her days as a university student. Sekai was here this week to accept the Sydney Peace prize, and give its associated lecture.

Toxic culture in university colleges

A 2009 post from Mary (almost exactly three years ago) is getting a lot of hits today, and I’m deducing that it’s because of searching on St Johns college at the University of Sydney due to this SMH story: Culture of anarchy at a college in crisis.

International Day of the Girl

I missed posting this yesterday, but I want to raise my bloggy hand to join the call for protecting the right of girls around the world to education. I want to honour Malala Yousufzai and her two schoolmates who were also shot while trying to shield her from assassins.

Schrödinger’s Rapist: ever-reliable source of women being told that (yet again) we’re doing it wrong

BTW, women are also assessing strange men they meet as Schrödinger’s Thief, Schrödinger’s Drunk Who Vomits On New Shoes, Schrödinger’s Teller Of Long Boring Tales, and they’re also assessing every car for whether Schrödinger’s Hit And Run Driver is behind the wheel. Do those background safety checks upset you as much as Schrödinger’s Rapist? If not, why not?