My rant on The Hunger Games

Here be SPOILERS!!!

I’m interested in addressing it as an instance of popular culture that again has kids tearing through books, hungry for more, at the controversy and ‘moral panic’ that it seems to be creating, and in looking at the elements of what, for me, made it something out of the league of the ‘Twilights’ of the world.

Sunday Singalong: M.I.A.

To prove that I am not just about the 90’s, here’s M.I.A. for Sunday Singalong. M.I.A. is the thrillingly clever Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam: a British musician, painter, and director of Sri Lankan descent. She readily incorporates politics into her music… Read More ›

Quick Hit: Project Unbreakable [Trigger Warning]

This post and the link it takes you to comes with a big trigger warning for use of the words of sexual attackers.

Late last year, Grace Brown started an art project called Project Unbreakable. It involves photographing men and women holding posters which contain something that their attacker/s said to them immediately before, during, or after their attack.