Idle musing

For all those pharmacists and nurses and doctors out there who think that they ought to be able to have a conscience clause regarding abortion? To the point of not even referring patients to willing medical practitioners?

What do you think about the idea that a pacifist should be able to join the military and expect to draw a pay check and advance in rank while exercising a conscience clause with respect to weapons that kill people?

What the fuck, Catholic Church? War on Schnitzels

djerassiOK, “What the fuck, Catholic Church?” is like shooting fish in a barrel. But here it is, anyway. The next instalment in my “What the fuck?” series.

Roman Catholic doctors and cardinals are wetting their pants with glee over the fact that an 85 year old chemist who contributed to the original synthesis of norethisterone has now “confessed”, “recanted”, or whatever

Angst in the papers

This morning’s editorial in The Age is muted with respect to the two laws passed regarding reproductive choice in Victoria last week, opining that the abortion decriminalisation legislation goes too far with its explicit negation of a conscience clause, and… Read More ›

Quick hit: Here we go again

Author: Mindy is a regular commentor around Australian blogs and a contributor to the eclectic For Battle! group blog. What will amount to a public enquiry into abortion in Australia is likely to be approved by Federal Parliament today. Story… Read More ›