Quick hit: Here we go again

Author: Mindy is a regular commentor around Australian blogs and a contributor to the eclectic For Battle! group blog.

What will amount to a public enquiry into abortion in Australia is likely to be approved by Federal Parliament today.

Story from WA Today: “Funds for late-term abortions under review”.

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  1. Interesting that the concience vote was not allowed in the end.
    And odd that its going to the Finance committee…

  2. How is the parliamentary committee likely to be appointed?
    It’s terrifying to think of women being denied healthcare for financial reasons when in the position of having to have a late-term abortion. I can only hope that both public hospitals and individual healthcare providers will continue to help them regardless of the outcome of this review.

  3. And what a staggering coincidence that this should happen just as the Victorian decriminalisation bill is going through.
    *is staggered*
    (Although, it does save the Australian Christian Lobby a bit of money only having to fly Gianna Jessen here once. Doing Victoria and Canberra in the same hit.)

  4. Sorry, really must get rid of that stupid post name…

  5. Oh bloody fucking hell.
    I feel like there should be something we can do, but I’m not coming up with anything except swearing right now.

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