Forced-birther blames bushfires on abortion law reform

There’s always one, isn’t there?

The fatuous godbag woman-hater who blames disasters on the Wrath of God. We saw them after Hurricane Katrina, and now they’re starting to waggle their loathsome little fins in the wake of the horrific Victorian bushfires.

Today, it’s Pastor Danny Nalliah. From the fucking “Catch the Fire Ministries“, if you can believe that. CTFM’s media release is on their own blog, here.

The SMH reports:

Pastor’s abortion dream inflames bushfire tragedy

The Catch the Fire Ministries has tried to blame the bushfires disaster on laws decriminalising abortion in Victoria.

The evangelical church’s leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah, claimed he had a dream about raging fires on October 21 last year and that he woke with “a flash from the Spirit of God: that His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb”.

Pastor Nalliah said he was helping to co-ordinate fire relief, including providing trucks to distribute clothes and food and giving his own blood, but he said he must tell “the truth”.

Asked by the Herald if he did not believe most Australians would regard his remarks as being in appallingly bad taste, he said today: “I must tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.”

He said it was no use “molly-coddling” Australians.

Asked if he believed in a God who would take vengeance by killing so many people indiscriminately – even those who opposed abortion, Mr Nalliah referred to 2 Chronicles 7:14 to vouch for his assertion that God could withdraw his protection from a nation.

“The Bible is very clear,” he said. “If you walk out of God’s protection and turn your back on Him, you are an open target for the devil to destroy.”

They’re not an obscure teeny tinpot little ministry without any influence, either – former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello is tied up with them.

Sometimes I run out of words for “infuriating”.

[h/t to Mindy]

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  1. Thanks Lauredhel. I just didn’t have the energy to write this up today.
    FP has also put up a good post on her blog.

  2. Hey Mindy. I’m at work and really I just want to cry now. I’m exhausted by anger at how someone could be so hateful. I want to go back to do a proper takedown of this stuff when I have calmed down, but I suspect that will take a while. It’s just SO insensitive (not to mention wrong, bigoted, rude, disgusting, inhumane, self absorbed…I could go on).

  3. Yes, our very own version of the Westboro Baptist Church.
    If Danny had his way then John 3:16 would read: “For God so loved the world that he chastised it regularly by slaughtering all the children and other innocents of places that allowed abortion, homosexuals and greenies.”
    Grendel’s last blog post..Please. . .

  4. What a fuckhead! So nice of him to decide what I *need* to hear.

  5. Yes, I think he needs to hear ‘Go fuck yourself’ or better yet ‘SHUT YOUR MOUTH’ but I don’t get to claim that God imparted that message to me, and therefore put my claims outside of a challenge I’d recognise as valid.

  6. WTF!!! What a sick, twisted individual.
    And I’m sure he claims that his God is all loving too. Sick, sick, sick.

  7. So if he knew in advance (via his prophetic vision) and didn’t tell anyone, does that make him more, or less guilty than an arsonist?
    Or does he see the arsonist as the ‘hand of god’?
    Grendel’s last blog post..Please. . .

  8. That’s a bloody valid question. When I emailed The Bearded One he asked why, if this guy wasn’t talking out his arse he hadn’t given a warning back in October when he allegedly had this dream. SURELY that would have convinced people and worked as a better ‘testimony’ of God’s wrath when he was ‘proved right’ – so can he be charged do you think as an accessory to murder?

  9. When I read 2 Chronicles 7:14 I was expecting Old Testament craziness and hatred, but this is what 2 Chronicles 7:14 actually says:
    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
    Now, I don’t believe in God, but I fail to see how Pastor Nulliah could possibly interpret this passage as hatefully as he has. The passage is talking about forgiveness and healing, not God “withdrawing his protection”.
    As for his dream, visions and hearing voices, it sounds to me as though Pastor Nulliah needs to be committed for Schizophrenia or some similar form of mental illness.

  10. Some of us who HAVE been committed for schizophrenia are more rational than this fuckwit.

  11. The raw, unashamed agenda of the forced-birthers for all to see. Go Team Misogyny. *vomits quietly*

  12. Some of us who HAVE been committed for schizophrenia are more rational than this fuckwit.

    This. Mental illness doesn’t turn people into misogynist assholes. And this sort of conversation about people who are just plain horrible is rather ableist, and hostile to the many readers and contributors who are experiencing or have experienced psychiatric disability. I know this sort of talk happens just about everywhere else, but let’s not do it here please.

  13. I am so angry. What a creeepppp. It is also so incredibly STUPID…..STUPID. I hate religion and this is an example of the kind of crap that made me turn my back on it in the first place. What kind of example is he showing and what kind of God is he promoting to those gullible and weak enough to support this idiot? I am so incredibly angry. I am so hurt for the victims that some disgusting, stupid, insensitive, IDIOT would approach the media with this crap, at such an awful time.
    Remember this was also the idiot whose ‘voices’ told him Costello was going to be the new PM and he is still listening to his pschss.
    [I’ve starting disemvowelling, and I’m going to keep disemvowelling. ~L]

  14. I don’t doubt it, Hexy. A close member of my family has had Schizophrenia since adolescence, one of my brothers has Asperger’s and I and other family members have had mental health issues (though with different illnesses). All of these people are some of the sanest people I have ever met.
    Having read back over my comment, I think I was being far too flippant about mental illnesses and would likely have been offended to read anyone making a similar comment. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused, and for having made what I consider to be an offensive comment in the first place.
    I don’t want to excuse my original comment or weaken this apology in anyway, so I’ll leave it at that.

  15. Just the sheer beligerence of this man to believe that it is appropriate to say this at any time, much less when so many have lost so much is just unbelieveable.
    Also, as one of my colleagues said at afternoon tea – what did Queensland do to deserve their flooding? My question is – why hasn’t fire rained down upon other states who have decriminalised abortion? Why isn’t the Pope ruler of the World? Maybe because God isn’t in charge and you are just a ratbag Mr Nalliah.

  16. Thanks, Evie. I have to admit, much as I feel hurt by the ableist language of labeling people like this “crazy”, I’m yet to come up with a better way of phrasing the complete fuckery of their thought processes. He’s not crazy, he’s a misogynistic asshole, but there needs to be another word that sums up the moon-logic aspect.
    hexy’s last blog post.."Women’s Space" disappeared?

  17. Evie: I can’t speak for Hexy, but thankyou from me. Now _that’s_ how you do an apology.

  18. So if he knew in advance (via his prophetic vision) and didn’t tell anyone, does that make him more, or less guilty than an arsonist?
    Or does he see the arsonist as the ‘hand of god’?

    Makes you wonder… Catch the Fire or START the Fire ministries?
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Illegal abduction for peaceful protest

  19. *thunks head on desk*
    …and have thus resorted to visual imagery via asterisk art.
    Emma’s last blog post..Books to give away

  20. I wish I could say something intelligent, but I can’t without being full of rage.
    So instead I’ll just say that I really hate Danny fucking Nalliah, and that I feel sorry for Jesus that he has such a hate filled person distorting his message.

  21. Well are running the story now so his scumbaggery has gone international.
    Grendel’s last blog post..Please. . .

  22. Has Peter Costello denounced this insensitive rubbish?

  23. Would I burn in the eternal fires of hell if I gave Mr Nalliah a good kicking?

  24. Just appalling, how could someone say something so utterly insenstive, and then he has the nerve to claim he’s morally superior to anyone who doesn’t believe like him!!
    Michelle’s last blog post..Tagged

  25. I imagine any god of justice would thoroughly enjoy your actions Helen

  26. That’s the point, isn’t it? A doctrine based on peace, love and understanding, misrepresented by people like this idiot. I am with you, Louise. Jesus would not want this.

  27. I think there’s a very good case for the police to be arresting Mr Nalliah on charges of “making an affray”, or “conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace”. Seriously, this man is making a provocative statement, intended to upset people, at a time when emotions are running high and people are already tense. It doesn’t help anyone, it doesn’t do anything for the people who have lost their homes and families. All it does is bring attention to Mr Nalliah and his church, in the worst way possible.
    Alternatively, if the charges won’t stick on Nalliah, they probably would on the media organisations which chose to give this piece of blatant publicity-seeking idiocy the publicity they did. It didn’t need to be published at this time, and it certainly shouldn’t be treated in a neutral manner – a person who chooses to use a major disaster as a way of getting their own face in the paper deserves nothing but scorn.
    Doing this sort of thing is nothing more or less than emotional arson. It’s impoliteness in one of its worst forms.
    Meg Thornton’s last blog post..Things I find in my RSS ticker, part 2

  28. I hate this kind of fire and brimstone crap. I cannot imagine who would worship such a vengeful god.
    MomTFH’s last blog post..Ethics, or a lack thereof

  29. So if he knew in advance (via his prophetic vision) and didn’t tell anyone, does that make him more, or less guilty than an arsonist?

    How are the confirm/deny investigations going regarding some of these fires being arson?

  30. SN, It’s apparently pretty much established that there were arsonists in Gippsland and also around Beechworth. The police just need to do a bit more digging I think, from reports it appears they are closing in on them quite quickly!
    Also: The “blame the Greenies” trope has, inevitably, started up. Crap.

  31. Thanks Helen.

  32. I sincerely hope Costello’s comments are the last we hear of this god botherer. Shame on the media for giving him any air time at all.
    Emma’s last blog post..Books to give away

  33. Dnn Nllh cn g d n fckng fr.
    As far as I’m concerned, he can take the place of someone who already has.
    Fizz’s last blog post..Firebird Suite

  34. So if he’s helping coordinate fire relief, but the fires are God’s righteous judgment against evil abortionists and their neighbors, then isn’t he working to thwart the will of God?
    Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d suspect he was just making stuff up to exploit a tragedy to spread his hateful worldview.

  35. Emma, just what I was thinking. I’m seeing people elsewhere on the nets state that he’s just some harmless dickwad, don’t get all upset over him, but the fact remains that his hateful voice was allowed a hell of a lot of space by the msm. That right there is discursive power in action.

  36. About the msm attention though– has any of it actually been good? I haven’t seen him getting any positive attention.
    Perhaps it is a good thing to allow douche-hats like this to show themselves up for what they really are — people who will exploit any tragedy to control women’s bodies. That way, the next time people hear him going on about the fertilised-egg BAYBIEZ, they’ll know what sort of person he is.

  37. I would agree with that Beppie. And I think it leads to some productive conversations (at least in spaces like this) around arsehat misogynistic views and extremely smug wrapped-in-cotton callousness versus ‘mental illness’ (which really is doing the rounds everywhere it seems, ie/ everyone wants to say it’s ‘crazy’ when it’s actually deeply *rationalised* institutionalised world views at play), and to force people to question religion/the bible. I mean, honestly, the god of the bible allegedly did some viciously vengeful stuff (like remember when he killed all the babies under two whose parents didn’t mark a door lintel cos he was pissed off with Egypt?) – while I’m not for a second suggesting that’s what this is (it’s Australia, it’s fire, it’s deeply deeply upsetting, but it is a natural disaster, not a designed punishment), I’m just wondering how you can say “Oh, but I believe in that god, and he would never…” when the bible says he *has*. Also how can *this* douche hound rely on the bible – the same bible in which his god shows a reckless disregard for the sanctity of human life/children by massacring thousands of them to make a point that he’s Not Happy Jan?

  38. I was just poking through the Costello backstory, and found this cringeworthy appropriation:
    Catch The Fire Ministries: “Another Prophetic Word Regarding the Federal Election

    And when on 30.7.07 I was driving past Mt. Beerwah in Queensland (aboriginal legend a mother mountain with womb) the Spirit of God suddenly moved me to cry out in the loud aboriginal like tongue followed by the shouting our several times of ‘The Honorable Peter Costello, Prime Minister elect of Australia’, I get really excited when both Sonia and Janice sent me a copy of your email advising of your personal meetings with the P.M. and Treasurer and prophetically preparing Peter Costello. Glory to God.

    And check this out:

    The apology to the Aboriginal people was perhaps a good move, but with it came the pagan rituals in Parliament possible for the very first time.

    Maybe we need a new Daily-Show-style “PAGAN PANIC!” logo.

  39. I think it’s important to do a full and proper take-down of this nonsense, each of us in our own way.
    It’s not easy. It’s exasperating and a little scary being so close to home. But I’m worried that the media release is getting copied and pasted everywhere with very little detailed commentary or deconstruction.

  40. Family First Senator Fielding repudiates the comments – Niallah was second on their Senate ticket but is godbag non grata now. Hat tip to Pollytics via twitter

  41. “Maybe we need a new Daily-Show-style “PAGAN PANIC!” logo.”
    Amusingly, in the reading I’m doing for my first semester subject all about Popes, in the first few centuries CE, there kept being calls for a return to “traditional Pagan values” in much the same way as the godbags now call for a return to “traditional Christian values”.
    I say since good old fashioned Pagan values were replaced with these corrupt Christian myths, the world just hasn’t been the same.

  42. ahhhhh I should have checked here first, I posted on ForBattle about this folkwit but of course you guys are already on the ball 😉 I don’t know how to backtrack/crosspost/stuff but I’ll go and edit now.

  43. Ok…wow. Are those people real? Cos I’ve seen some shit from christians before…but ‘pray for many more’. “Our god holds life so precious that we should pray for more death”?

  44. WBC are known for their batshit, but I still want to beat the everloving shit out of the lot of them.
    I mean seriously…they’re being told to pray for what now? What on earth did we do to offend their delicate sensibilities so much?
    Fizz’s last blog post..Firebird Suite

  45. Fizz, please stop with expressing your violence fantasies here. I’ve already deleted one which was completely and utterly unacceptable, pointing to RL details and including a rape fantasy. Stop.

  46. Please accept my apologies.
    I don’t honestly intend to go around causing harm to anyone, and I should have thought of that before I spoke.
    Fizz’s last blog post..Firebird Suite

  47. Imagine how the moron would have been treated if he was an imam …

  48. I have no idea what the WBC are on about. WTF?

  49. @ irfan:
    Good point, irfan.
    Fundamentalist hate-speech should provoke outrage no matter which religious zone it comes from, because these people are the extremists in every faith system. They don’t speak for most believers, but sadly most believers take very seriously the idea that criticising a religious leader is the same as criticising the whole body of believers.
    @ Louise,
    The WBC are a small but highly visible hate-cult led by one Fred Phelps who pickets funerals with signs saying “God Hates Fags”. He started picketing only funerals of men who died from AIDS, but now he pickets military funerals based on the ‘reasoning’ that the US government are ‘fag-enablers’ and thus the deaths of soldiers are punishment for US citizens voting a bunch of ‘fag-enablers’ into power.

  50. Thanks Fizz. I can understand the urges, but I think the expressions can go too far, being jarring/triggering for readers, and in some cases being potentially illegal. I know I self-filter this stuff fairly frequently. It’s not exactly “turn the other cheek”, because I’m all for a bit of well-placed anger. Cheers.

  51. I think there’s a very good case for the police to be arresting Mr Nalliah on charges of “making an affray”, or “conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace”.

    Or even “for his own protection”.
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Disabled pay gap: Half-wage for half-made?

  52. I keep wondering if I should leave a comment on his blog:
    It seems weird that with so much coverage there are only 19 comments – are all the really negative ones edited off?
    Grendel’s last blog post..Latte in the Laneways Kopi Luwak Fundraiser

  53. They are doing some serious comment editing; the people who run the Australian Skeptics website and magazine have all left comments, none of which have appeared.
    I’ve nominated Nalliah & Co for the Australian Skeptics’ annual ’Bent Spoon’ Award.
    skepticlawyer’s last blog post..The Bent Spoon

  54. Well, that’s a nice Darwin Day present, Skeptic.

  55. This man is seriously dangerously deluded so why is the term douche hound being used as insult around here? Douche hound? It indicates that the vagina and what comes from it is offensive and chasing it is bestial. My kids came home from school saying you douche bag as an insult. They were surprised to learn what it really means – the misogyny of this term is self evident i’d a thunk.

  56. This man is seriously dangerously deluded so why is the term douche hound being used as insult around here?
    Because douches are used to dangerously delude women into thinking that their vaginas are icky and need to be “cleaned” — therefore it is most appropriate to use “douchebag” to refer to someone who thinks he is “helping” women, but in reality is quite dangerous to them.

  57. hmmh. Thanks for that explanation Beppie i see the point. I’ll have to give this some thought over the day as I’m finding it difficult to really warm to the idea of using this concept to describe a subgroup of males and ‘male professionals’.
    As a woman who has a vulval pre-cancerous ‘disorder’ i’m not sure that the blanket all douche is bad message is right either. I think we need to be promoting wise self care and self examination and i reckon that it has backfired when the kids comehome using the term as school yard insults.
    But as i said needs more research on my part – am getting Mummy are you doing that puzzle or not? must go – to the relief of all.

  58. Well I’ve never done it, but i’m not convinced at all that douching is especially dangerous, or for deluded self-haters. I am also sceptical it is a useful term of abuse to adopt and even more troubled that it doesn’t give a good message out re vaginal and vulval self care.
    The information i looked at indicated that in certain circumstances to douche can be useful – at least is not contraindicated especially in the case of using acidopholous to treat thrush infection.
    So Shakesville’s QCoFM Melissa McEwan’s use of a blanket insult of douche bag, or douche hound is not within a useful feminist ethic in my book. Still each to their own – at least as a policy it is not going to cause discomfort or kill anyone else – as in the ‘green’ policies that led to all the bush fire deaths.
    Is this tendency against cleaning vaginas extended to the use of bidet. Or are bidet users full of delusion and self loathing as well?
    If itch is extreme or persists see your doctor quickly.

  59. But most douches are marketed as vaginal “fresheners” – as if a natural vagina needs sweetening up to be acceptable. If people see a douche kit in a pharmacy, that is the sort they are seeing.
    Nobody is objecting to medical treatments that happpen to use that particular method of application.

  60. @ informally yours:

    as in the ‘green’ policies that led to all the bush fire deaths

    Talk about a blanket claim – and one that is completely off topic for this thread – but I’d be very interested to see what proof you have that ‘green’ policies did any such thing over on one of the bushfire threads.

  61. I didn’t mean to offend with the comment about green policy. I only saw FP’s post ‘More opportunistic hate-mongering’ (not a title that says to me read me now unlike many interesting posts here) after posting my last comment.
    I think it is quite wrong to equate Devine and Nalliah. Devine is looking at the material circumstances and making a call – you say this is because she is on the other side, but it is not at all like Nalliah in saying the invisible hand did it which is the equivalent of saying the fairies did it as pay back. So, one is saying something based upon the actual facts as they know them, and the other is based in fiction which am i going to give more weight to?
    If this fundamental difference between the two positions can’t be clearly discerned there is no hope for ensuring this can’t happen again. Which i certainly hope is not the case.

  62. Sorry, this comment has been edited because I got confused over things, and this is indeed a bushfire thread. Too early in the morning.


  63. Tigtog fair comment re keeping on topic but clearly this is a fire thread – even though my line of questioning re the acceptance of a term is somewhat off topic – you say ‘Nobody is objecting to medical treatments that happpen to use that particular method of application.’
    I don’t buy that and think you can’t have your cake and eat it as well. Re accepting the term douche bag as a useful insult or adjective that is ok to use here (as opposed to lame or mental etc) it is quite clear and unequivocal that douchebag/douche hound represents dangerously delusional and is used in my kids school yard as being the worst insult. So it is not something i’ll be emulating.
    Just because marketers describe something in a certain manner doesn’t mean that women who use them are using them to ‘freshen up’ or make themselves more acceptable for others, it would generally mean that a rational person is uncomfortable and is seeking relief from that discomfort. Personally, i think every ‘feminine hygiene’ product ought to have the warning that persistent itch/discomfort can indicate certain serious pre-cancerous conditions such as lichen sclerosis etc. and so strongly worded recommendations to see your Dr if this product doesn’t clear it quickly are required.

  64. (not a title that says to me read me now unlike many interesting posts here)

    This is a gratuitous slam. I’ll ask you to take a break from posting here for an hour or two, please.

  65. Featured on the front page of the Herald Sun yesterday, almost life size, was a beautiful picture of little Alexis Davey, who was only eight months old.
    Forced-birthers make SUCH a thing out of foetuses being “babies”, but this particular FB is fine with a beautiful born baby like Alexis dying a horrible death in retribution for something, somewhere, someone is supposed to have done to offend “his” God. It really drives home the fact they don’t care about the living. Not at all. Not even babies.
    I will never understand these people.

  66. at least as a policy it is not going to cause discomfort or kill anyone else – as in the ‘green’ policies that led to all the bush fire deaths.
    Are you:
    – Victorian from the region where the fires happened?
    – some kind of bush care expert?
    – a firefighter?
    – someone with scientific knowledge about bushfires in Victoria?
    – stocked with all the information about what happened in these fires?
    If not, don’t attribute two hundred deaths to one set of people and their policy, or yes I will say you’re as callous as Nalliah. Not quite as religious, but as callous.
    It is the same week of the fires, the bodies are not yet uncovered. There will be inquiries into what happened, the experts don’t need opinion piece writers or the general public with no earthly clue telling them *who killed all those people* or who ought to *hang from lamp posts* – particularly when those opinions excuse arsonists as being not responsible.
    In future I’ll ask that you respond to my posts *at my blog* and not here.

  67. Excusing arsonists? Come off it. If i had not been asked to stop writing for an hour or so i would have made the point about it being premature for apportioning responsibility. As obviously the blame will be at the feet of the arsonists and i sure hope they catch those responsible for this murderous assault.
    I am no expert about fire but I grew up in the country and know what to do to be fire ready. (I also happen to feel confident about knowing how to fight fire at least in theory by virtue of partnership with a trained firey who is mouthy as well)
    My youth was often spent doing kid job fire protection, and Summer’s ambling the Mylor hills and gully’s, and it doesn’t get any more fire prone than that. It is extremely sad what has happened in Victoria and there are a couple of descriptions of the devastation i heard on the first day of the mass media coverage that have stuck in mind and i start to cry so callous? Have just been re-reading the FPat70 and note the request not to talk here. Right then – note to self – talk to FP at FP’s place!

  68. @ informally yours:

    the blame will be at the feet of the arsonists and i sure hope they catch those responsible for this murderous assault

    I doubt that the legal requirements for murder are present i.e. motive and intent. It’s at the very least negligence and probably easily substantiated as culpable homicide via arson, but murder is unlikely to stick.

  69. Informally Yours, if you had cared to read WHY I was calling Devine an arsehole along with Danny Nalliah, you would have read for yourself that she *does in fact* blame greenies and explicitly says that arsonists are not to blame. She then goes on to say greenies and not arsonists should be hanging from lamp posts. So, that’s that part of your indignation taken care of.
    You say now you would say it’s too early to apportion guilt (which is another factor in me calling Devine an arsehole – she’s written on this shit before, and she leapt on the opportunity to appotion blame and guilt at the feet of the greenies) but you just announced that they were to blame, nay in fact that their policies had KILLED ‘all those people’, right up there in this very thread at 62. So if you don’t want me to respond to what you say (as I’m not psychic so can’t know what you think when you say something else) perhaps think first, type later.
    Are you in fact someone who blogs at Strangetimes/the last superhero? I keep trying to click through on your link, but it just leads to a space that tells me the domain is for sale, but this blog seems to be connected to Strangetimes which is where your link says you’re from.
    Anyway they’ve had a post up for a few days blaming greenies and I haven’t seen you tell them it’s too soon unless you’re the person who posted the link to the Syd Walker article, or you are Young Marxist who only commented late yesterday. If so, it’d be great if you could fix your link.
    Anyway, so both you and Devine *have* asserted that green policy killed all those people in Victoria, the counterargument by someone who has done some research and is discussing the substantive points raised by Devine/Last Superhero (and not just calling people arseholes for apportioning guilt when they’ve got no qualifications and before all the bodies are discovered, which is a position I stand by):
    Hey, turns out that backburning was prevented NOT BY GREENIES but by massive underfunding. What DO you know?
    Reread 70 (no, slowly now) – it’s a request for you to respond to my posts over at my place, not an order not to engage with me here. Which is what you did at 65

  70. Th bsh frs r prdct f cnvct bld, gd s pnshng thm fr mbrd sdm btwnn brthr, sstr nd nml. Th ll lv th ttntn, th r s swft t bcm crtcs nd vglnts t hd thr wn trrbl scrts. dts, dd nyn hv th brns t thnk f wrnng systm whn th chs t lv n th bsh ? N. bnch f rch ppl wth thr hd n th clds. ll ths mn prng n th d nt dsrv. Ppl n th ct nd sbrbs tht gt brnt t gt n spcl trtmnt r dntns. Ths ppl n th bsh wld ll hv nsrnc lk vryn ls, wht wst f mn. Mst wll gt bttr hms thn th hd n th frst plc.
    [If you’d like to read this with vowels, stay tuned for next week’s Troll-Off post. ~L]

  71. When I saw this thread there was nothing up at ST and just as the Hoydens are not a hive-mind, neither are those blogging at ST. But the ST people are mostly Victorian based and so it is only natural that they are going to say something. Shooting the messenger with ad hominem attack, Ohh ahh a Lastsuperhero, is useless. What is clear is that there is much controversy in Victoria over the correct measures to ensure fire safety. People are being fined for tree removal. Germaine Greer is saying there isn’t enough fuel load reduction occurring and I agree as I can see this is an issue here as well. There is obviously something going on.
    Having taken a University based philosophy topic of environmental ethics I’m under no illusions that green philosophy offers any coherent practical political strategies for re-ordering the world. Look hard enough and you find there are fundamental contradictions about competing interests, programs, priorities etc. Calls now to rebuild with green principles in mind are a waste of breath. Are people for reducing fuel loads or not? Clearing trees near houses or not?
    I’m still interested in discouraging the use of douchebag as feminist abuse; and still interested in feminist ethics and civilly discussing medical issues, breasts, vulva’s and vagina’s etc as opposed to defending or attacking the green political agenda and its consequences.

  72. Having taken a University based philosophy topic of environmental ethics […]

    Can I nominate this for some sort of award? Or maybe just a Bingo square?

  73. as opposed to defending or attacking the green political agenda and its consequences
    and yet, there is your comment at 62. Curious.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Ok, you can now comment without a WordPress Login

  74. IY, does it strike you as ironic after your straw person attack on my position regarding Devine (or you not reading the post properly) to accuse my questioning you about which site you’re from/if you posted that/why you hadn’t said there it was too early (esp in the context of hey – you actually having *said* green policy had killed ‘all those people’ at 62) of being an ad hominem?
    That just tickled my funny bone a little. I developed that funny bone in Critical Thinking at Uni by the way. I did a great many topics at uni. None of which qualify me to make blanket statements such as ‘greens policy killed all those people’. Just sayin.

  75. Troll-off? Is that like Troll.B.Gone?
    IY, your notion of the green-policies-caused-deaths is simplistic in the extreme, as you would know if you had already read anything besides breathless press releases from people connected with the timber industry. The Greens and the Wilderness society, to name two of the best known green groups. both support fuel reduction burning – but it’s not the universal panacea it’s been made out to be.
    Marysville was full of soft-leaved exotics. The gippsland fires started in a bare paddock. The temperature was in the high forties with gale force winds. These are just a few of the facts you are ignoring.

  76. I’d just like to point out that a Green perspective goes way beyond environmental issues, and is recognised in social work as an approach to community development. It’s not really just about trees anymore, if it ever was.
    About the term douchebag and the reasons it is acceptable as feminist abuse; it represents a symbol of miso-tropes about women/woman bits being dirty and disgusting and in need of much washing and deoderising.
    It doesn’t mean that there is never ever a non-sexist practical reason to use one. The insult is just about symbolism.
    I know this was clarified earlier but I’m adding to that for the benefit of IY.


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