Jim Beam demonstrates just how much men want to hate us

A note to Jim Beam: If you are so embarrassed about these ads that you don’t want anyone to see them, to the point that you’re chasing fair use political commenters from video hosting site to video hosting site with your DMCA heavies, how about issuing a formal, sincere apology instead? A company that doesn’t want anyone actually seeing their ads. Interesting.


As tigtog said, people are up in arms about the “The Neighbours” commercial from purveyors of bad bourbon and toxic masculinity, Jim Beam.

“There’s nothing so sad and ridiculous as a shiny-nosed girl trying to be a charmer”

So says the advertisement below for skin creams. While the cosmetics industry is still full of nasty beauty myth tropes, at least it’s no longer quite as condescending as this.

Image Credit: Ponds-HowToBecomeSomeMansDreamGirl originally uploaded by Wishbook

This phrase just makes me want to hurl: “wistful dreams of being some big strong man’s little dream girl”. Infantilising much?

Dam that beaver

Y’know, I don’t find this offensive. It’s clever, not least in its rather pointed metacommentary on the way that advertisements for menstrual products have relied on euphemisms since forever.

Tragedy of the Closet

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