“There’s nothing so sad and ridiculous as a shiny-nosed girl trying to be a charmer”

So says the advertisement below for skin creams. While the cosmetics industry is still full of nasty beauty myth tropes, at least it’s no longer quite as condescending as this.

Image Credit: Ponds-HowToBecomeSomeMansDreamGirl originally uploaded by Wishbook

This phrase just makes me want to hurl: “wistful dreams of being some big strong man’s little dream girl”. Infantilising much?

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  1. Gold – when was that published?

  2. Sadly, although Wishbook has many other adverts on hir Flickr pages that are dated, this one isn’t.
    By the clothing I’m guessing late 40s – early 50s.

  3. This little dream girl obviously made sure her nose wasn’t shiny:

    (yeah wedding ring (puke) originally uploaded by bygollymolly)
    I’m a bit worried that her big strong man appears to be merely a disembodied head though.

  4. Sing together now… “Keep young and beautiful, it’s your duty to be beautiful. Keep young and beautiful if you wanna be loved!”

  5. This reminds me so much of The Rules. You know, that other campaign to turn dating into a nightmare.

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