ObEquinox: Happy Turn Of The Seasons To You

The March equinox happened a little over an hour ago here in Sydney, at 9:45am AEST. APOD, of course, has an informative image for us today, and a London headmaster showed us what not to do when a few voices complain about a school taking note of a once in a lifetime event.

Happy Vernal Equinox

APOD put up a fantastic picture to mark this stage in the planet’s journey around the Sun. Recorded on March 10 from Teide National Park on the island of Tenerife, the vista is composed of 4 separate pictures spanning over 180 degrees. (Image Credit & Copyright: Daniel López)

Another lap of the circuit

At 0548 GMT (or UT if you prefer) on March 20, the Sun (from a geocentric perspective) passed the celestial equator heading north, making it the autumnal equinox for us Southrons and the vernal equinox for them Northrons. APOD has… Read More ›

Ooh, shiny!

It’s been a while since I posted pretty astronomy pictures. This one caught my eye today. Image Credit: APOD Venus and the Moon appearing near to each other in the evening sky last week. I like the diffraction spikes on… Read More ›

Lenticular clouds

I just heard on the radio that weather conditions in Sydney today are such that there’s a high probability of a lenticular cloud forming over the city late this afternoon, as the day cools. If it does, it will likely… Read More ›