APOD: Running Messier’s Marathon

When I retire I’m going to become an astronomy geek. Explanation for the photo below from APOD.

Image Credit: Amir Hossein Abolfath

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  1. Will this involve lots of travel? When I get my boys settled somewhere I am going to be one of those elderly women you see in the background of Time Team scrubbing sherds. All day in the outdoors and all night in the pub. Of course I don’t know how I will fund this retirement as yet. It may involve a heist of some sort.

  2. Tigtog, you are already an astronomy geek.
    Helen’s last blog post..Worst. parent. ever.

  3. Helen, I kinda sorta meant becoming a more active astronomy geek, instead of just a spectator geek. The idea of spending a single night doing all those observations with a particular goal in mind, and learning as much arcana as possible about the history of Messier’s catalogue in the meantime, and the conversations this would involve, is the point.
    su, I certainly hope it would involve lots of travel. Spending a few weeks of active days scrubbing sherds, then a while of active nights with telescopes, all somewhere that the air was clear, sounds sublime. I think I may have to join you in the heist to fund it.

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