Astronomy Pictures of the Year for 2007

I’m sitting here, back from the “family” fireworks display over Sydney Harbour at 9pm (just slightly less frosty than the New Year firework display in Norway that we attended last year), about to pour myself a something with Frangelico, and clicking on a few of my favourite sites to see their retrospectives of the year. Regular readers know how much I love my astrophotography, so I was keen to click through the selection of 12 memorable photos from 2007 from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day team.

Contemplating the grandeur of the universe is not a bad way to welcome the New Year. I enjoy contemplating photos of the cosmos every time I fire up my browser, as APOD is my home page. I recommend it to you all!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

I hope you’re all having a grand time seeing the old year out and the New Year in. May the year ahead be better than the last, even for those who’ve had a fantastic year!

If some of your favourite sites have done retrospectives that you have enjoyed, please share them in comments.

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