Another lap of the circuit

At 0548 GMT (or UT if you prefer) on March 20, the Sun (from a geocentric perspective) passed the celestial equator heading north, making it the autumnal equinox for us Southrons and the vernal equinox for them Northrons.

APOD has published this lovely high atmosphere sunset shot (taken from the ISS) to celebrate.


Did anyone try to stand a raw egg on its end?

We shall be celebrating the Family Gathering and Chocolate Consumption Festivals later this holiday weekend. Some of my family will go to large buildings full of other people and sing with them, too.

It should be a good weekend. But will it be as good as the mind-rending horror of the Atheist Apocalypse?


via Pharyngula

Update: Helen has dogs celebrating the equinox as well.

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  1. Now that’s a religious idea I can get behind.
    Three cheers for the four horsemen!
    Red Queen’s last blog post..First it was Apocalypse Ponies

  2. My NASA newsletter also has the following note about this season:

    For reasons not fully understood by scientists, the weeks around the vernal equinox are prone to Northern Lights. In other words, spring is aurora season. Observations from NASA spacecraft are shedding new light on this old mystery. Full story at

    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Recession benefits from Left perspective

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