Because an injured sex worker is just hilarious

UPDATE: OK, it looks like I misheard this one. The story wasn’t about a sex worker at all, it was about a public servant seeking worker’s compensation for an injury sustained during a sexual encounter at a work-related conference. This does put a different perspective on the joke and the reaction.


I may regret this. I am venting at a bullying hierarchy, not the body of believers. I don’t find religious beliefs persuasive, but see no need to insult believers in general. The Vatican hierarchy is another matter entirely – I… Read More ›

Oh, the hilarity

British stand-up comedian Russell Brand rings the Nottingham police from the stage of his show, and hoaxes them by saying he’s seen a man who might be the serial sexual assaulter whom they seek. He then issues an “apology” about… Read More ›

Acknowledgement and Apology

This post is being continually updated with links to commentary on the Apology Today, for the first time, indigenous people performed a Welcome to Country ceremony at the Opening of the Parliament of Australia. Kevin Rudd’s hope is that this… Read More ›