I may regret this. I am venting at a bullying hierarchy, not the body of believers. I don’t find religious beliefs persuasive, but see no need to insult believers in general. The Vatican hierarchy is another matter entirely – I find their failure to acknowledge their responsibility for dealing inadequately with serial clerical sexual abusers simply despicable. Pope Benedict’s tepid apology made via proxy in front of his underlings instead of directly to the people who have been harmed and their families and supporters is particularly heinous. The hypocrisy of the Murdoch press is the sour icing on this stale and toxic cake.

Below the cut is a slideshow frame. (Edited to add: if people would rather see it as series of images and scroll down the page, let me know) 27 images, not very friendly to dial-up. Mouse-over the frame to see slideshow controls – recommended to increase slide display time to at least 7 seconds for ease of reading captions (and use the pause to stop slideshow altogether if download time is too horrendous).

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  1. That was really well done, and it would be enjoyable to peruse if it weren’t the depressing truth.

  2. Thanks, L. Took me rather longer than I expected! But I’ve been wanting to play with picasa’s embed a slideshow feature for a while, and this matter provided the perfect opportunity.

  3. Furrfu, now the Pope met with a handful of abuse victims this morning before leaving Sydney, but neither the Foster family or the Broken Rites group was notified of it, let alone invited.
    The hierarchy couldn’t be more blatant about shutting out their own stakeholders, could they?

  4. Sad days, as usual, when it comes to these mind-conditioning institutions. Tricky dicks…:)
    “The hypocrisy of the Murdoch press is the sour icing on this stale and toxic cake.”
    You can say that again tigtog.

  5. I can’t see the slideshow. Just a Picassa log-in.

  6. OK, the slideshow direct link is here: [slideshow]


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