Oh, the hilarity

British stand-up comedian Russell Brand rings the Nottingham police from the stage of his show, and hoaxes them by saying he’s seen a man who might be the serial sexual assaulter whom they seek.

He then issues an “apology” about being “devastated by the possibility” that maybe he “offended vulnerable people” (you know, unlike all the strong, rational types who laughed along with him about the totally unserious issue of sexual assault).

Just a slightly more articulate version of “sorry if I offended you” (you delicate little flower) instead of the more accurate “sorry for being offensive” (and a prat). Apologise for wasting police time (isn’t that an offense?)? You gotta be joking, maaaaaaaaate.

Hey, why not waste the time of a suicide hotline for your next show, Brand? Think of the LOLZ.

(via The F-Word Blog)

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  1. Stealing the Redhat Linux hat. Not cool.

  2. Oops – not intentionally, I adapted existing arsehat imagery.
    Damn, will have to fix. Fixed (now with extra dodginess, which seems entirely appropriate for the subject).

  3. Hopefully the UK police are going to press charges (“Wasting Police Time”) and make sure they bloody well stick. I mean, it’s not like they don’t have witnesses or anything.
    Meg Thorntons last blog post..It’s been a while since I last bought shampoo

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