Oh Hai, Google van!

Check out these two streetviews (I have highlighted the unusual portions): Now that’s not what the Google Streetview van sees on a typical day. You can read an explanation here.

The Henson photo scandal: so many knees jerking, so little real debate

I haven’t written about the matter here until now because I’ve had to sort out my feelings on this one: as someone who grew up in the social nudist movement I hate the way that nudity in any context has come to be automatically associated with pornography, and yet I see the necessity of ensuring that minors are not exploited for sexual imagery as well.

Blogplug! “Oohsome”.

Some real-life friends of mine have started a new blog project, “Ooh, I’ve got something to show you!” over at From the Welcome blurb: Oohsome has evolved out of almost daily instant message discussions between Acanthus and whoozqueen on… Read More ›