Drinkin’, gamblin’, smokin’, shootin’ up, skull-ownin’, tattoo-havin’, and candle-burnin’: the Seven Deadly Sins


Some art is just… special. This is one of my recent faves, from Art for GOD.

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  1. I get five out of seven, if you count the odd Lotto ticket. How about you?

  2. The skull-owning really tips the scales, doesn’t it?
    (silly anatomy classes)

  3. Hahahaha. Wonderful stuff, soooooo classy.
    blue milk’s last blog post..Definitely my definition of fun

  4. I had to go & have a look. It will take some time for my eyes to heal…
    But I found this text beside a particularly lovely painting strangely Mel Gbison like as he, the subject, wanders through a meadow…
    “The Artist Proof on canvas is 20″ x 24″. There are only 150 of these available and the cost is $795.”

  5. Do you think the artist uses celebrity photos as a base for the figures in his work? The painting called “Storm Pilot” seems to have our Lord protecting someone who looks very like a young Sting.

  6. I used to live in a share house in West Brunswick – you’ll all nod your heads when I say “share house”, I think – and one of the young doods there had bought a real skull from university and it occupied our coffee table most days. The skull was hinged and had a cute little brass hook to close it.
    Forgive me, I was young.
    Tigtog, you know I rarely pimp my blog, but you must go over to my place or Shakesville and check out the hedgehog. Tig means hedgehog, dunnit?
    Helen’s last blog post..Friday Happy hedgehogblogging

  7. Originally I thought this was a parody of those figures that show Christ running behind kids playing soccer,etc.

  8. my favourite is the temporary tattoo: http://www.art4god.com/html/?go=tattoos
    conflict, much?
    dogpossum’s last blog post..Sam Price and His Texas Blusicians 1929-1941

  9. The skull was hinged and had a cute little brass hook to close it.

    I once came home to find a housemate eating M&Ms out of my skull.

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