Oh Hai, Google van!

Check out these two streetviews (I have highlighted the unusual portions):

Now that’s not what the Google Streetview van sees on a typical day.

You can read an explanation here.

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  1. That is pure genius.
    mick’s last blog post..A random new paper

  2. There are plenty of other things happening along Sampsonia Way! Isn’t it cool? Apparently the artists approached the Google Street View Team about doing this. I think it was forward-thinking of Google to say yes.
    I’ve been to the Mattress Factory Art Museum, which is on that street; they have some interesting installation art.

  3. the second one looks like dagorhir 🙂
    gods I miss that.

  4. The level of planning involved in staging all the different tableaux is highly impressive. I love that the residents watching the planned tableaux got totally into it and improvised their own stuff as well. Fantastic.

  5. Oh I didn’t notice the explanation link…

    Members Askarus and Twolf of the medieval battle society Angaron (Pittsburgh’s local chapter of Dagorhir Battle Games)

    It’s almost too bad that Angaron couldn’t muster more people out and had a full on charge going. Thanks for posting this, it made my evening and morning.


  1. Little Kitten - Fire The Laser Of Love In Google Street View
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