Taken in Hand: Sculpture in the Hills


We all know about the penis-spire on the cover art of the Little Mermaid. (Snopes claims that any resemblance to any phallus, living or dead, is purely accidental.)

Little did I know that Perth has its very own life sculpture artist – the upstanding citizen who crafted this bench in the Mundaring community sculpture park.

Whoever said sculpture was all wank?


[Via The Worst of Perth.]

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  1. You know one thing I note about all the dramas set in Rome and Athens? They never show proper herm pillars underneath all the portrait busts, nor the erotic wall art and knick-knacks that were apparently all the rage and a large part of how children in the ancient worldwere educated about sexuality.
    Of course, all the phalluses were struck from the herms when Christianity gained the ascendancy in Rome. The female fertility symbols carved around the place tended to be a bit more subtle, so they weren’t vandalised quite so readily.
    Interesting, actually, how far I had to look to find a basic reference on the web that mentioned that the original herms had not only the head of Hermes on top but a phallus carved at the base.

  2. There is something similar at Macquarie Uni. 🙂

  3. And since an attempt to embed the image didn’t work, here’s a link:
    Oh so phallic…

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