Femmostroppo Reader November 19, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed-reader. What did I miss? Please share what you’ve been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • When “Both Sides” Aren’t Enough: Reporting on Weaver’s BlackFace Pic
  • – “The story, however, does absolutely nothing to help us understand blackface, its history, or why it might be problematic today. It simply says: “Some people are offended; others are not.” We get no information that might help us form an educated opinion. It is a perfect waste of time masquerading as “reporting”:”

  • Followup: More on the LA contrail/missile
  • – “I’ve talked about this before, both on the blog and at public lectures: the Internet is a two-edged sword when it comes to nonsense. It allows the spread of misinformation to be so rapid that there’s hardly a chance of getting corrections noticed before millions are infected… but it does make the inoculating knowledge easier to get out there as well. ”

  • If you drink, you deserve to be raped
  • – “So, the headline should be: Male rapists escape blame in binge culture.”

  • Too Much Stimulation — Ok to sell male “grow”, but not female “O”
  • – “”When you see naked women bounding around in any music video or open a magazine and see ads for cars or cosmetics, half-naked women are everywhere,” Grindstaff said. “That is not women’s sexuality. What you see is completely bound up and constructed by male ideas of what women’s sexuality ought to be. An ad like Zestra’s, with no men in it, about women’s pleasure for the sake of pleasure, is threatening, I guess. What other explanation could there be?””

  • Hate is their business. It’s what they do.
  • – “I realize that it’s hard to believe that Americans are this obnoxious. It’s probably even harder to believe they are paid hundreds of millions of dollars to promote this bigotry on the radio to millions of other Americans, but they are – they are speaking the language of eliminationism and hate day after day after day. If it soothes you to believe that those who are alarmed by that are the intemperate ones so be it, but it doesn’t change what they are doing or the effect it’s had on our politics.”

  • TSA: Don’t Like Our Rules? You’re Grounded!
  • – “Asking people who aren’t terrorists to submit themselves to invasive (and unproven) security procedures to prove they aren’t terrorists doesn’t make them “partners” in combating terrorism. It just makes them victims of an unfettered police state where the appearance of “doing something” is more important than the actual efficacy of what you’re doing.”

  • Made in Dagenham Reflects A Current Reality
  • – “Here are Vera Sime (one of the real ladies of Dagenham) and Lilly Ledbetter talking about how they became accidental activists who changed the world for all women.”

  • Condescending to Girl Athletes
  • – Unnecessary concern keeps girls from learning proper game skills

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  1. I read an article today (either on ABC or yahoo/the West Australian, except I can’t find it now) which makes me even more nervous about this airport body scanning technology they plan to employ. Apparently they can even see if you’re using a sanitary pad. :/ So great, they can see you naked, and intrude even further by being able to see what you’re wearing in your underwear. That is really really disturbing. What if I don’t want them to know when I’m menstruating?
    Thank you for the links! The one on drinking/rape has a really excellent video from a Scottish campaign, http://www.thisisnotaninvitationtorapeme.co.uk/ Not Ever
    Powerful (and disturbing) stuff.

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