“I don’t even recognise this country any more”

I was going to write about the latest bit of blackhearted Howard government jackbootery regarding the indigenous population of the NT, but Pavlov’s Cat has already said everything I would have said much more eloquently.

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  1. I have heard from several people about this Crikey article, but can’t seem to find it on the website. Do you have a link to it?

  2. I think it was in the daily e-newsletter, Jangari. Not all of the newsletter material makes it onto the website.
    They do have an extensive piece on the Stuart Highway Robbery though, where Brough is proposing to essentially confiscate community owned assets that are employing indigenous people for a living wage and then renting them back at market rates, which will be economically unsustainable, and again has absolutely nothing to do with protecting children from sexual abuse.
    Crikey also has an op-ed piece: What is the true motive behind the Federal Government’s Northern Territory intervention? They argue, and I agree, that it’s looking more and more like assimilation scarcely camouflaged and without proper public consultation.

  3. With any luck a Rudd government can repeal the laws – at least after the expected ’08 double dissolution.

  4. Re: Stuart Highway Robbery, Thanks, I know, I already posted about that.

  5. Jangari, I knew you already knew, but I realised I hadn’t posted anything about it here so I added the link for other readers.
    Paul, I’d be surprised if the Coalition Senators will stand so firm on principle against Rudd legislation that they’d trigger a double dissolution: they’d have to know that they’d lose seats, so I think they’d really want to avoid that.

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