Friday Hoyden: Baby Jargoner

Via Neatorama, this unnamed baby is my Hoyden of the week. Because she has something to SAY, and she’s not going to let anything so trivial as not having developed expressive vocabulary stop from her saying it.

Antibreastfeeding Bingo

We’ve done the other Bingos, and this one’s long overdue. With a nod to all the misogynist trolls out there who’ve provided the material for this card, I present: Antibreastfeeding Bingo! It’s focussed on public breastfeeding conversations, not “mommy wars”… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Candice Bergen and her singing voice


Friday Hoyden: Candice Bergen

Why do I have Bergen pegged as a Hoyden? The characters she has played on television does bust submissive femininity norms, so that’s part of it. But I think it’s her bad singing that has really reeled me in. It’s hard enough to sing in public when you can hold a tune, but it takes a special kind of hoydenish chutzpah to do it when you can’t. And I like that.