Franchising the Womb: Selling Fetal Imaging

A sampling of Australian recreational obstetric ultrasound advertising:

A Peek of U at Serenity Spa, Wollongong:

scary looking fake crystal paperweight things with 3D ultrasound image inside

At our Spa location the Mum to be can enjoy a luxurious pedicure or spend most of the day being pampered, completing the day with a special 4D Bonding Ultrasound experience. […] In our non-clinical environment you can bring the family and relax on our couch for a true Bonding experience. […]

We are currently developing and expanding our services so check with our What’s New page for further info regarding our new sites and other unique products such as our custom engraved crystals from Crystal Bubs.

4D Bonding:

man and pregnant woman hugging on beach, heart drawn in sand

Nurture Your Relationship and Gain Confidence! […]

4D ultrasound has been shown in diverse clinical trials to decrease the anxiety of pregnant women and scientifically recognised to increase bonding between parents and child. […]

Also, mothers will likely improve their diets, exercise more, and eliminate harmful behaviours such as smoking or drinking. Other ultrasound benefits may also include increased paternal participation, family support, compassion, and gratitude.


Do you want to confirm the gender of your baby or would you like to see your beautiful baby in 4D? Our 4D Superscan combines the world’s best ultrasound machine with digitally brilliant home theatre equipment for a revealing, luxurious and stress free look at your baby-to-be.[…]


Bundles Baby:

Bundles offers a pampering bonding experience for mothers-to-be in a relaxed, luxurious environment. Bundles offers a non-diagnostic ultrasound experience performed by qualified sonographers. […]
The mother-to-be can bring up to 5 guests to be part of the experience.
From the experience you will receive a disc with a 3D image slideshow matched to music of your choice, 4d moving images of your baby, all 3d images as files plus colour images printed on quality photographic paper.

Precious Previews:

4D ultrasound of fetus picking its nose

At Precious Previews, we utilises the latest in 3D/4D foetal imaging technology to offer expecting parents and their families unsurpassed, top quality video and photographs recorded to DVDs & CDs. Precious Previews welcome you to view your baby in a relaxed and comfortable environment that ensures only the highest possible standards of service.

Early View (sponsored by feeding bottle, infant formula, and gripewater companies):

For years we have had to suffer the traditional grainy, black and white images of the 2D machines that needed the operator to explain to us what we were seeing… well not any more!

Early Image (which has sidebar ads for feeding bottles):

With dedicated 4D studios in Melbourne, Early Image provides breathtaking dynamic pictures of how your baby actually looks. Together with your family, sit and watch as your baby smiles, yawns, sucks its thumb and stretches and have the whole experience recorded onto DVD and high quality colour photographs.

A Window To Your Womb:

pink banner ad suggesting ultrasounds at baby showers

The company Celebrities use! […]

See your Baby in 3d/4d in the comfort of the family or at the Proud Grandparents. It doesn’t matter whose home or place, just visiting Australia we can come to your Motel Room with the 3d/4d Ultrasound Mobile Machine. We are only a Phone call away!

Ask us to show you your bub in 3d/ 4d ultrasound in the womb. This is highly sort after by MUM’S and DAD’S in the WHOLE of AUSTRALIA the WORLD. Remember Tom and Katie Cruise Brought a Machine so He and Katie could watch there Little bub grow month by month.

WTYW are selling franchise opportunities. You, too, can upgrade from used car sales to baby shower ultrasounds:

white panel van with badly photoshopped Window to your Womb ads on the outside

Qualifications Required:
Self Starter

Able to talk to People , Strong passion and commitment to building a $M enterprise

Lets’ start talking about opening a 3D /4D Business near you soon. There’s never been a more exciting time to become a part of of this Growing Concept

….erm, yeah. Words are kinda failing me on this one – it’s such a rich combination of entrenched heteronormativity, patronisation, oozing overprivilegedness, hypercapitalism, gender obsession, the creepy fetishisation of fetal surveillance, celebrity worship, and the worst of New Age artifact creation. Discuss?

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  1. I know I should be able to analyse this beyond relieving incredibly wealthy people of their money, but I just can’t get my head around wanting weird pictures of a foetus. I have some 3D pictures of two of mine, and frankly, the fuzzy peanuts were more endearing.
    This manufacturing of desirability disgusts me in all forms, but the non-repeatability of pregnancy makes it particularly repugnant. It’s easy as the parent of older kids to say “this is utterly ridiculous” but as an expectant parent not really aware of which memories they are going to want to cherish and which are really not so important, to be preyed upon by this kind of crap…. uggggg.

  2. It’s like a L’Oreal ad gone hyperbolic, isn’t it? “Because you’re WORTH it!” Vom.

  3. Ugh. The 4D Bonding one makes me want to throw things. It doesn’t even read like it’s selling to the pregnant woman at all but rather to her…I dunno…minder or something.

  4. Oh, phooey. Can I paste my comment over here too?
    Also, mothers will likely improve their diets, exercise more, and eliminate harmful behaviours such as smoking or drinking. Other ultrasound benefits may also include increased paternal participation, family support, compassion, and gratitude.
    Ythink maybe it’s because the only women who can afford this service are the ones who already conform to those characteristics due to their privileged financial situation.
    It’s not like having one of these done is like pressing a button to make you a Pure Wholesome Mother.

  5. 4D ultrasound: they can see through time? ‘Cos I’d pay for that.

  6. Somewhere, we have a video of our younger daughters in utero, at the routine 18 week scan. We looked at it once, when we showed it to my mother.

  7. Those cubes are EXTRA creepy.

    Maybe I saw too many horror movies as a teenager, but they look like something that might try to eat the postman.

  8. What a brilliant way to start the arguments about who the baby looks like before the baby is even born.

  9. I can understand the 2D ultrasound to check things are OK… but this seems a bit much for me. Why ruin the surprise before the birth? It feels like peeking on your Christmas presents before Christmas morning…

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